Posted by: sauder | March 13, 2008

Resonant Black PV Impressions

Well then I’m starting an H!P blog hopefully covering more than Morning Musume, figures I started this on the day of the new Resonant Blue PV release. So what better reason to talk about it! After coming home early and checking up on the latest H!P news, I found the greatest surprise of all, a Resonant Blue PV! Oh boy I’ve been waiting for this for ever! Hooray…!

Or so I thought…

To be fair I’ll say some positive things about the new PV and some not so positive.

+ The girls put a lot of energy into their performance, for sure.

-The PV setting is nothing like what you see when you imagine the song Resonant Blue not to mention it was a painfully boring dance number.

+ The roughness made it enjoyable–a little Shabondama action?

-6/9 members are wearing black–on a background, thats completely black! Unless they were meant to be background dancers, this is really unnecessary. The pants made quick dance moves look a little awkward also.

+ It’s still a great song, and there’s supposed to be another version of the PV in the works. So look foward to that!

+ Ai sold sexy like only she can sell sexy. Eri once again danced with an unmatched talent, she had the whole feeling of this thing down to the tee, if she was just on screen more, I think the aura of this PV would have been completely captured. Gaki-san also really stepped it up, look out for that, and Aika also looked sexy in this new setting.

-Fairness is a hard thing to argue within Morning Musume. The 3nin Musume is okay with me, but the rest of them don’t bust their asses every day to just be background dancers…especially the pandas.

-That goes for some of the other girls too, it’s alright if they aren’t focused on, but the whole idea of blending them in to the backdrop really makes it seem like they aren’t part of the PV anymore. I don’t care if its a dance shot or the official video–that kind of thing shouldn’t be happening in a group.

Well I think thats basically it. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the song, but the PV–not so much. The only reason you would think that this music video wasn’t completely bad, is that you know the girls, and you know Morning Musume. Hopefully this is the dance shot, if not, this video was poorly executed by the production/creative team. (They definitely need some JabbaWokkieZ action to mix this up lol.)

I’m really looking forward to a mix up of different shots, or at least an angle change once in awhile. Seeing the way it turned out though…it made me a little sad, I was really confident that this one would break the dance shot-close up cycle and actually have a plot. I honestly think from what they have so far it’d be a pretty hard to turn this PV into gold unless there was in fact another version… one more thing

—-isn’t this Resonant Blue?


  1. Very, very nice and balanced first post. I really enjoyed reading it.

    Your viewpoint reminds me of Sevii’s (from H!O), especially with the last two points. Looking forward to read more of your stuff. =D

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