Posted by: sauder | March 18, 2008

The Intl Cake Recipe


I hope better late than never applies to me today–it took me an hour of fiddling with my camera to even make it take any pictures today. I finally got it though and that’s all that matters.

If you can’t read my terrible frosting skills, it says Happy 1st Intl.W. I thought about taking a picture then but the middle of the cake looked a little empty so I put an egg inside. I thought for awhile on how I could link a metaphor to an egg in the middle of a cake and after awhile I think what I came up with is that–

IntlWota started from an idea that was cracked and put into a small bowl. There were moderators that were the flour, bloggers that were the sugar, and readers that were the milk. At first glance all these parts sounded completely different, but yet couldn’t survive without each other. What’s IntlWota without the dedicated moderators, bloggers to inform you on the latest news, or readers that come back every day to satisfy their hunger? Separately, these ingredients may not taste that delicious, or be that effective, but when mixed together they form something sweet– and most definitely unexpected(IntlWota). After I reflected on that idea for a few moments, I placed the egg in the center, the idea that started it all. Because the thing that holds all of the ingredients together, is the most important part of the entire recipe, and that made me smile.


  1. That is undeniably cute.

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