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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ MouTube Part 10


So–Its “cool guy”/salaryman time. Everybody looks pretty badass, even innocent little Aika looks absolutely fierce this week. JunJun isn’t here in the beginning–but don’t panic, she’ll show up!




1/13 A cat that can flex its paws and itch itself…something you’d have to see to fully “understand”. It gets a huge “Kawaiiiiiii~~” out of all of them.


Which reminds me–they can now choose to give the videos they watch stars or not by hitting on a buzzer and…making a star pop up behind them. Keep in mind that they don’t rate every video.


2/13 I actually laughed at this one. I never knew there were people in the world who spent time perfecting the art of seducing women with bulldozer wine serving skills. Different people different hobbies….I guess….



Oh but the fun aint over yet. The woman asks a request of the bulldozer, of which he cannot do, so she gets up and leaves.


Bulldozer gets upset and hits itself on the ground…lol. Then it gets an idea “lets call the girl!” via typing with a stick in it’s claws.


She answers after she’s literally about 10 feet away from the table and runs back to the bulldozer and hugs his claws. What a crazy thing true love is. Especially between a person and giant inanimate object…anyways–


3/13 After a 2 second accepting look from Ai , we move onto a guy who does his morning excersises/stretches.3-1.jpg

But instead of doing it like a normal person would–he decides that doing it on top of a bike would be much better.


He also likes to spin his front wheel pretty fast and ride around with no hands. (despite the cap–it is going pretty fast)


He does another trick but this time straddling the side while using one hand to pedal.


And I guess he could just work his way around the rest of the bike…


Yeah I think he’s just about proved his biking ability a few times over already. From that stance he hops his body over his back wheel while still staying upright, and is still pedaling the bike.


This amazing fellow gets. A 7/8. Sayu didn’t particularly like it.


4/13 It’s time to eat lighter flames for breakfast. “Oishii”.I love Aika’s semi disgusted/wtf look at the end of this.

5/13 Gaki-san is impersonating a woman whose name I couldn’t catch. This video left me so confused. The sound “Guu~~” was emphazised, obviously a trademark of the person beeing impersonated. But the cute thumbs and twirling at the end caught me by complete surprise–my heart almost stopped.



6/13 A man makes some helicopter sounds–some of which were when the helicopter was higher in the air. Whimsical.


He can also make noise while chopin’ and cookin’ food. The sizzle noises were actually pretty good.


This man must be a complete boss because he got 8/8 stars.


Well I guess this guy was seriously good enough to make Aika want to try it out. Everybody closes their eyes so that they can visualize the sizzlin’ food. Obviously they don’t because Aichan gives a “Whats that?”.


They unanimously decide that she sucked at making noises, so they take her stars away. Poor Aika…


7/13 Ohhh gooodnesss. Its Doi Takako time. In fact she walks in and sits down in the first shot then the camera passes by her and a bunch of other customers. The camera is set on a plate of food on a conveyer belt in the restaurant, mind you…so it keeps moving.


Until this freakshow picks up the plate a few tables later(seriously creepy). It’s fairly short this time around.


Watch out for this girl though…she’s always schemin’.


8/13 Okay, let me get one thing straight. Animals are cute…but walruses…are really not my idea of cuddly. This one can do 5 different tricks by voice command and some fishie snack rewards.


9/13 Short video of a guy that can spin on his head while doing the peace sign.

They try to guess how many times he can spin on his head. LinLins ears get a bit tipsy when she replies and Aichan’s/Koharu’s answers…oh well.


He stops at 33 eliminating everybody from Reina up–therefore LinLin wins it because she was closest.


10/13 Its an EcoPuppy. Hooray…This pooch can find bottles on the beach and chew off the lid for its owner. Thereafter she puts it into her own personal plastic bag so she can recycle it later. Thats teamwork right there.


11/13 Magician Sayu is back with another water trick. She first drinks the water, i’m assuming to demonstrate that it’s liquid.


Then she gets a spoon and mixes it in the goblet…and magically the water turns into an ice slushie mixture.


Sayu gives herself her one and only star. If you don’t know why it “transforms” don’t worry the trick will be revealed at the end of the show.

12/13 This man is making some seriously delicious food.


And decides to finish off the seasoning by spraying sauce on the food from 3 meters away.


13/13 “JunJun’s been studyin’ Dog Breeds (25)!” Why dog breeds…? I have no idea myself.

She trips up a bit on the Golden Retriever and a few others. She even rips #3 out of Koharu’s hands because she’s so into it.


She’s literally in tears because she’s happy that she got through them all. Hmmm…she must have been pretty tense.


Best Video: Well anyways–the best video today was the “Cat Scratch (1/13)”. Which I personally found to be a little odd.

Sayu’s Trick Revealed: Seemed to be that they mixed shaved ice with regular ice and made sure the temperature was -10degrees. They stuck a water bottle in the ice for awhile (demonstration) and took it out. When the bottle was still the water was liquid, but when agitated it seemed to ice up.

Comparing the first episode to now. MouTube is getting a lot better. They’re getting out of those plastic costumes and into new things every week–and at least the quizzes at the end keep them involved in the show. Still–it’s not the best concept to work with, especially for so many times in a row. They’ve got potential new fans on the other side of that broadcast…and management’s gotta get it together in order to reel them in.


-A toy car. Another cat. A man who can bend a metal pan.

-Super!Koharu?/Detective Reina.

-Niigaki with a mustache.




New cheer outfits:



There are Cool Guy/Salaryman Cards for this episode:


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