Posted by: sauder | April 12, 2008

Resonant Blue Another Vers. and Lesson Vers.

Am I a little late? Maybe. Well the “Another Vers” of Resonant Blue is out and man am I excited. When I meant that I thought there’d be a plot in this PV I meant it’d break the regular close/dance shot version trend. So I was actually happy about that. I’m warning you though…after Perfume’s–Secret Secret PV I feel a little skeptical about what really means what in PV’s.

Resonant Blue Another Vers.

Resonant Blue Lesson Vers.

The other version video is generally all the girls doing different normal things–probably during the process of making Resonant Blue. Ai is on an excersize bike, Eri and Sayu are talking while eating outside at an amusement park at night, Gaki is in the back of a car and using her phone, Reina is walking by herself at night, Koharu is being interviewed, Lin/Jun are eating at a resturaunt, Aika is waiting for the train/subway, and in the last section they’re all practicing the Resonant Blue dance in a dance studio.

I’ve got to admit I’m not the fastest on picking up deeper meanings in things like this so if there is one– I don’t really think I’ve quite found it yet. All of them seemed to be doing tasks that each of them do semi-regularly, going out to eat, having one on one talks, excersizing (even though they’re fit enough…), riding the car home, things like that.

Sometimes there is no deeper meaning, but I really feel like there’s something I missed. I think that it was just Reina/Gaki/Aika/Ai’s parts of the PV that threw me off a bit but they threw me off because they actually made sense. I’ve got to admit Reina looked like she was in a pretty sketchy area for a girl that’s walking alone, and was pretty sad, She looked like “her sadness was echoing, and her heart was tightening in the dark of the night.” Gaki did also, Aika made my heart hurt because she was so alone (once again in a sketchy place to be) and sad to the point that she was going to shatter. Ai on the other hand looked like she was kind of having a nervous breakdown perfectionist type of a workout (a bit expressionless), but was deeply thinking about something important. So in that sense what they were doing matched what they were saying.

It was just the Eri/Sayu Jun/Lin Koharu(kind of) where they weren’t sad that threw me off. I normally wouldn’t care so much about something like this but because their segments were mixed together I got confused while watching the video and only when I’m now slowing it down am I seeing the difference.

The only deeper meaning I can find is that all four of them either feel alone, or feel under pressure. I think Ai is a given, and once she’s gone Reina is going to have to step it up (or become a solo artist) and that’s got her feeling a little emotional(although Reina did go through her time of uncertainty in the group a few years back and thought seriously about leaving). Gaki also is probably feeling the heat of impending responsibility and one of her best friends leaving. Aika though was a mystery–either she didn’t get enough screen time to make sense or she is going through things we don’t understand, (or maybe her bud Koha is off doing KR so much that she feels lonely) then again maybe none of it means absolutely anything at all.

Who the hell am I kidding.

What was going on in new footage contrasted hard with the dance shot at times not to mention the fact that I’m pretty sure most of the scenes were random, or as usual nobody even thought about continuity. The dramatic fade ins and fade outs and occasional fuzzy cam’s didn’t help either and without it, it probably would have been a lot tighter and cleaner. Why didn’t they just delete the Dance Shot completely? It is another version–why dwell. Oh well, the break away from the norm did cause intrigue from those who expected the usual Musume PV set up.

As for the Lesson version it’s mostly shots from the back that look into the mirror while they wear training clothes while breathing heavily. It really is what it says–nothing more. The good thing about it though is if you wanted to learn the dance or know the arrangement this is perfect. But keep an eye out for the “Night Version” from the single V(how much darker could it get…). I’m thinking Night Version means a version where all the shots of them doing various activities is the entire video, but then again who knows.

Anyways…the Musume’s put in work for sure to make this single good, and this really goes to show they aren’t kidding around this time.


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