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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Moutube Part 13:

And its Part 13 on April 13th. Coincidence? Yes probably.

Well today we start off with a lovely live performance of the 36th single Resonant Blue. The only thing different about this version is that they start the body roll section earlier than the P.V. There was also a bit of lipsynching going on, ahem~~. No big. The great thing about this is that you can tell that they’re really into it because you can hear the intensity in their voices changes after the dance segment. And Aika’s here–I hope she’s feeling better…JunJun doesn’t appear after the beginning until later today. If you wish to watch it on Veoh instead of downloading it. You can do so here. (link)

Like the talking baby said–this is MouTube! Today we have the theme Dekiru Onna or “Able (up to the task career wise) Women”. Yes–they look quite able today, while wearing waistcoats… Kamei’s Dekiru Onna: “I’m going straight home.”. Ohhhh Kamei…sign:return home directly!?

1/6: First up we have a five year old child playing this lovely taiko game. It’s like Guitar Hero except you’re playing the taiko–obviously. The kid is seriously cute too and he’s tearing it up on this game. Various “chou kawaii!!!’s” can be heard. They seriously can’t get enough as the kid hits 100% accuracy with 914,410 points. Jesus.

9 out of 9 Musume’s approve this message. 2/6: I don’t even want to talk about this video. From the man who brought us sizzling food noises from a few times ago…brings us noises that just sound like Daffy Duck’s children fighting over a bowl of dead babies. Yes–It’s actually quite startling to watch… Yet 9 out of 9 Musume’s still vote for it. Sayu then says (“Boku mikki(Mickey) da yo yoroshiku ne!”.) “Hey I’m Mickey nice to meet you.” They all just basically just go “wow Sayu that was lame…” and move on. 3/6: Niigaki is impersonating someone. She looks rather embarrassed afterwards. She also gets shut down with a 4/9. Ouch. Tanaka is an Able Woman! And I couldn’t understand her to safe my life but her impersonation of a Dekiru Onna was along the lines of controlling the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. Strange…

Sayu reverts back to her (Mikki (Mickey) nara dekiru), “If it’s the topic of Mickey impersonations I can do it!”– thing…sign:again!?

4/6: It’s spring and these people are enjoying themselves in a parklike setting and Cabbage-kun comes over laughing like a psycho on what looks like a motorized cooler…

Did I call it or what…the Cruisin Cooler that is powered by a 500 watt engine and costs a lot of money (69,800Y $690USD). Lo and behold it actually can hold foods and beverages also.

So after that Cabbage-kun decides to hang out with his new friends the picnic-ers, and “suru to!” he has another invention called the Ame de Wataame…? (15,750Y $155USD). You put a candy ball in the center of the machine and it starts to create cotton candy. Umm… So his friends begin to toss the sticks they were eating cotton candy with –so Cabbage-kun tweaks out. And leaps with mighty camera placing skills to catch the sticks. Then he pulls out a bib called the Love-it____. It’s a plastic bag of which you can tie so that it makes a bunny face. (350Y $3.46USD). He then drives away. Musume Segment: Two people one cotton candy machine and a bunch of candy ball flavors. Madness. For some reason Ai is rather excited and says “Ureshimi”…but then she laughs quite dorkily– because she meant to say something that wasn’t jibberish. Cotton candy START!

Koharu and Aika are working on a tasty Lime flavor. Yet is blue…

Niigaki and LinLin have grape. Kamei and Aichan are working on the Coffee flavor. Except theirs ended up looking like a gross wadded furball. Sayu and Reina are making a lovely Various Fruit flavors. What are Sayu and Reina eating now??? All I know is that they used a slang reversal term for delicious “maiu”– with a heart. Aichan likes her coffee flavor but Kamei thinks the coffee flavor is too strong. Aika’s tounge is green from the Lime flavor. Somehow–she likes to stick her tounge out, and that whole mess of fun comes to an abrupt end.

sign: it’s green

5/6 Because Ahh!–LinLin is having a seizure. She really does like to get into her charades roles. They all know the answer and are squirming around like small hyper children.

When they’re all about to say the answer at the same time they fail somehow… because I swear they’re all ADD today.

So after the video is completely done. Sayu and Reina answer that she was a Bungee Jumper! Nooo that’s completely wrong. Our smart little Kamei corrects them with Skydiver.

6/6 Oh my goodness. I laughed a bit. Because I still don’t understand why they do this memorizing corner and why the kitty’s mewoing in the background sounded like a cat food commercial. Anyway–“JunJun’s been studyin’ 25 different cat species” A lot of them look similar, careful Jun.

She didn’t feel too confident during practice. Her heart’s beating fast…can she do it?

“I’m back!” (Tadaima!)

She preformed her task and quite well I might add. Quite a Dekiru Onna.

She gets 8 out of 9 stars…mmm Aika what’s up with you? JunJun then jokingly says “It’s only Mitsui so it doesn’t matter.”

Except Aika doesn’t think its funny …she’s gonna kill a bitchsign:anger

Akachin suggests they battle but then Aika says with much irritation that she’d be fighting an easy/loose woman (aka someone who doesn’t take things seriously or a dirty woman…either way) “Charai Onna”

But with that face? Everyone is “oh snapping” over in the corner but I’m serious, Aika looks legitimately pissed the hell off. I’m really loving this right now though. Musume Rivalry. So I actually enjoyed this. Partly because it seemed like the girls were a bit hyper-er today and the Resonant Blue live was great! It set me up for a happy episode, not to mention there were only 2/6 videos by actual other people (Cabbage-kun doesn’t count) so that’s probably one of the reasons this was more enjoyable. The end too was just golden. I laughed during that entire Jun/Aika tension. I don’t care if it’s staged or not–it was amusing to see Aika bring out her claws especially towards another member, although on the Music Fighter preview they were fighting with each other again. (yikes) MouTube isn’t great–but this episode was better, I can’t help but wonder when they’re going to go outside? Oh well–I think I’m going to now use Haro@ to practice my poor Japanese –so yes you’re at my mercy, but I’ll try not to say what I don’t know.


-Angel Costumes

-GakiKame NG Collection

-Doi Takako

-Magical Sayu (being scared at a balloon)

-LinLin screaming in fright at a bagel, and Aichan is watching rather creepily…

-JunJun vs. Aika Memory Battle–Fight Fight Fight!

-But will Aika take the insults too far this time? Or will JunJun lose?

There are Dekiru Onna pictures for this episode:


  1. don’t like aika, shes nasty! Devil behind the mask!

  2. Aika is a bitch. I love it!

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