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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ Moutube pt. 14

So what the hell…Moutube has officially passed the Idol Legends(11) segment, and their Japan Strollings(13) segments in the “most consecutive segments” bracket. Why…is this whole Moutube business even happening right now…I’m sorry, was I angry? Yeah I was a little, but I’m feeling a bit girly today, maybe because…

The theme this week is (Tenshi天使) or Angels! I know–I can hear the Wotas beginning to fantasize too. Hey before you read on, I highly encourage you scroll all the way down today.

I’ve got to admit though, those shoes are pretty damn hot.

Kamei straightened her hair today… absolutely gorgeous.

Musume Segment : We start off right way with some JunJun vs. Aika memory battle. This week “Jun Jun and Aika’ve been studyin’ Important Historical Figures” (40). Am I the only one that realized that the intense background music from this was from Pirates of the Carribean…hmmm.

They even study together…what cute rivals they are. Aika knows more Japanese than JunJun does so I could see why this would be difficult for her.

If one of them says that they don’t know the answer, and the other one gets it, then the one who didn’t know loses. If they both don’t know who it is then they both Pass.

They both have noise canceling headphones, so that when one is answering the other can’t hear what they say. If I might add–Aika has been talking cutely today not to mention she’s crusin’ through these people.

JunJun can’t remember the name of Wagner and begins to cry. She’s taking this way too seriously and being too hard on herself…Aika totally surprised at what’s going on gets the right answer.

This is actually a little tough for me to watch…I mean I know Aika won and stuff, but it was Jun’s look of utter defeat and her torrential downpour of tears.

It’s a little awkward…Aika doesn’t even look to Jun who’s immediately to her right, and she just keeps going by herself naming off figures until she gets to the bottom. When she does everybody “subarashii’s” her and smothers her in hugs and praise while Jun just sits there not moving. Sayu pats her a bit but, I mean–I dunno. It was just awkward because she lost and nobody really said anything about it or her crying, they just left her in the middle of that hot mess. Although being comforted by Aika (the winner) would be a bit patronizing hmm…?

Everyone’s lost before…even though sometimes you don’t like to be told you did good anyway, at least your friends say something instead of crowding around the winner-hmmm? However Aika won fair and square and did nothing underhanded, it actually was quite impressive.

And then Koharu…of all people– says she can totally kick ass at this stuff, and with that Koha presents Aika with a memory battle challenge next episode.

1/4: So onto an actual video– it’s Cabbage-kun (who always seems to have a little bit of green) and Aichan. So the trick being played on LinLin is that she’ll pick up a bagel to eat, and when she does a fake cockroach will come out.

So…I’m having a hard time typing because this is so odd. I don’t know what’s scarier LinLin dancing when nobody’s watching, or knowing that some drunk wota passed out in a cardboard box, woke up in TvTokyo and just happened to have a camera to videotape LinLin through a hole.

So watching LinLin scream “Ai-ya!” at the bug slo-mo was amusing.

And of course LinLin does it so does everybody else.

2/4 : GakiKame NG’s. I’m actually looking forward to this. So yes if you didn’t already know, they actually are doing all of these throwing tricks by themselves without the help of camera angles or special effects…

I feel like if that cellphone was alive it’d be screaming bloody murder. Eri’s already screaming too– like a man though on Take2 (obvious Aichan lessons) and scuttles over to get the phone in frustration.

Take 3…8…12…23…31…48…Miss after miss after miss…

But the Golden Take 51…

Kame shanks that phone and does the best “”yatta!” bounce around, run across the room, nearly trip on the carpet, jump up and down” dance ever. She asks if her face was okay in the shot and it was golden so she bows out and I’m assuming probably jumped around more away from the equipment.

As you can see…no amount of caps does this justice.

So onto our lovely housewife Gaki aiming her carrot stub into a Haromoni@ looking trash can…It just looked like she had a bunch of precut stubs and just kept throwing them one after the other. She made it on Take 3. “Uso!”

GakiKame together NG’s. They have to hit the spoon and flip it into the other’s hand so that they can enjoy some hot steamy curry. They almost get it once but it was so awkward that they try to hold in their laughs and the director just tells them to do it again because it was just a little obvious.

…. hold it in.

As expected they eventually get it and do it to it.

Sayu is the only one who doesn’t vote for it because she says they should stay cool and not show the world their NGs…well… at least she’s consistent.

3/4: It’s Magical Sayu! Princess Wai Wai This time she has an assistant: Princess Hoi Hoi…who I suspect is that woman from awhile ago.

So Princess Hoi Hoi throws the balloon up to Sayu and at a certain point before it reaches her–it pops.

Princess Hoi Hoi isn’t scared of popping balloons…Sayu tries to Y balance but obviously was out too late the night before…as Princess Hoi Hoi does spirit fingers. Thank god this is over, and I know everyone is thinking the same as I, as Sayu says “Subarashii” at her own video.

At least she still has LinLin and Koha under her spell.

4/4: So about this Doi Takako fellow attending a HS band practice…

I’m sure those kids almost mugged Ai before her manager could save her. So this was actually funny…only for the sole reason that it was so random.

Her in the left corner trying to flip a baton.

For once at the end she didn’t look as creepy as usual.

So that concludes todays…stuff. I actually liked this episode kind of. Memory segments are normally boring…but this was kind of interesting. I don’t mind that there’s a little Musume drama going on, it actually makes for amusing T.V. in more ways than one. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but Musume rivalry’s used to go on all the time on H!M and there weren’t very many times that people cried(Ai/Rika/KonKon/etc.), but when it did happen–everybody at least reacted. Although I could see a reaction in this case being a bit awkward. Junjun crying was kind of just one of those uncomfortable moments for some of the members where they either weren’t sure what to do or most likely they all talked about it after the take was done. I’m sure they told Aika not to look at her though, or else um…she doesn’t have a heart.

I could see why Aika would be a bit jealous. As mentioned on Music Fighter she never got talked to much when she first joined, then when the Pandas came everybody talked to them a lot so it annoyed her. Not to mention she’s also technically the only one in her generation and she might feel a little bit like a failure comparing herself to someone that was in the same situation (Koharu), but who is much more successful. Not to mention Panda PB’s and Athena/Robb coming to an end. I don’t know–the whole rivalry thing is probably half truth/half television, but all I know is that Aika still can control her own future by proving her worth to the management.

Anyway, I think Juns crying was real because obviously she hates to lose, goes too hard on herself, and naturally is a crybaby. The outcome probably wasn’t staged…since the amount of tears she’s crying is a bit alarming, and everybody probably comforted her afterwards. Magical Sayu was boring, LinLin’s was just weird because it was filmed from in a cardboard box(?) and there were slo-mo voices…and Ai-ya’s! It was just off of my radar–so moving on, Doi Takako was funny just because it really was so random. GakiKame is something you really need to see to laugh at. So I recommend that you actually download/watch this episode because it’s not full of any fan crud. See, now that tends to make better episodes–however the whole format is limiting even if nobody sent in videos at all.

Magic Sayu Revealed: Princess Hoi Hoi shows us that orange’s are acidic so they break down things like balloons quickly, therefore they pop when shortly after being touched with orange juice. She rubbed some of this on a paper wedged between her finger so that the juice touched the balloon but didn’t make it explode right away.


-Ouedan-like outfits.

Ouedan is like an actual cheer squad yet more intense, like stomping. Throughout the show they yell things like “push” and “fight” and such. I don’t even know how to explain it, but these pictures do a bit of justice. As for the cloth on their heads I think it’s their own girly version of the “Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan” videogame headband…

-Milky Way live preformance

-Corporate GakiKame

-Gaki Korea…dancing with Gaki Korea

-Aika saying “Bari Bari!” with a puppet.

-Koharu Memory Challenge

There are Tenshi pictures for this episode:

credit to ampedechoz at JPopMusic Forums*


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