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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ Moutube pt. 15

So as I’m feeling some pretty rough physical effects of sleep deprivation–so this weekend I’ll rest and start doing some real posting hmm? I know that’ll make you happy–as a matter of fact as far as happy goes…The show starts off today with a live preformance by Milky Way–Anataboshi, and sorry for some of the small caps, (clicking on them will still make them bigger, but if I post them full size they come out distorted for some reason.)

So I guess I’ll shower you with caps instead!

Well after that lovely preformance…this weeks theme is “応援団Ouedan!”. How badass of them, and there disappears Koharu after that.

1/5 It’s Corporate GakiKame time–ahh Kamei you’ve got 30 minutes to get drinks before the meeting! Go go go!

While Kamei’s away, Gaki will tidy up. She grabs some trash and throws it over her head into the proper trash receptacles. What a good kid.

While that’s goin’ on, Kamei is peddling away to get to the vending machine full of soda in the middle of a park. You can hear some “Dekiru Onna’s” in the background…hell yeah she is.

And what do you know…it’s Mikan Juice! I want some!

Because Kamei can’t just walk back over to her bike like a normal person…she throws all the sodas over her head and into the basket, even the zoom in on the show is blurry, so just recognize it’s quite a ways away. Goodness imagine the NG’s…

Back just in time! To pitch Moutube and Mikan Juice to some corporate fellows…

They dole out the booklets and juice to each person at the table.

And of course “Aaaa-to!”. Next time is some hearty NG’s!

2/5 It’s mischievious Aika’s turn to win us over with her creepy sushi puppet sidekick–

–and her “giant picture sushi” making skills.

So after this she adds some more things and the members have to guess what the inside of the giant sushi will look like when it’s cut in half. It’s supposed to be a picture.

Sayu ponders if its an animal, and Reina asks Akachin for a hint. He basically says no so Reina calls him “A jerk/asshole” (konoyaro!) either way– she said it cutely so it wasn’t very threatening.

More or less all of their picture guesses look weird.

Reina drew a snail, Sayu drew madness, and Aika is lookin’ a bit nervous at this.

Now to finish the video! Aika rolls and presses her giant log. And twa-la.

A snail it is!

Therefore Reina’s a boss.

3/5 So since they’ve been doing internet games the past few times, they’ve decided to play another! This time it’s the Introduction Generator. Insert your name and see what you get! First they enter Morning Musume and they get the introduction of “Hey I have nice (amazing) teeth–Morning Musume!” Gaki then says that they do show off their teeth when they smile at beginning of concerts though…OFF TOPIC!

Reina then enters her own name and gets the introduction–“While walking underwear goes up my butt–I’m Tanaka Reina!” And somehow she’s okay with this…she then goes on to say that during a concert she really did get a wedgie…PK (an abbreviation for Pantsu Kuikomu–“(my)pants are riding up”)!

4/5 Onto the next video…Gaki is impersonating these identical brothers. It’s actually a bit creepy…

She gets 8/8 stars so fast the sound clip could barely keep up.

5/5 So this time on the memory segment corner…”Koharu’s been studyin’ 25 seemingly minute things that actually have a name!”

She runs back to them…literally, and you can see how small their set is compared to H!M days…

Don’t even ask her if she’s “Genkii” cause she is bouncing around everywhere like a kid who just found out her biological sister is Ayaya. Oh well I can’t blame her–she’s in high spirits today for whatever reason.

These things really are a bit obscure. Everybody is laughing at Koha as she points, hops, and jumps while answering. Poor camera man…

Koha GET! She aces it…which actually this type of obscure memorization seems to be a bit harder than something like historical figures. High fives all around!

She even high fives Akachin…it’s more like a smack in the head, but oh well same thing either way–It was still funny.

So Reina and Sayu jointedly decide not to give her a star. They say that it’s the way she did it that annoyed them–she wouldn’t shut up while doing it/ made it look too easy so they–

–became flamingly irritated with her.

HM@ Boss of the Week: This award is actually going to be split by two people. First up is Tanaka Reina for being funny and calling Akachin a jerk, guessing the snail right, and being an active part of talk sections. Kusumi Koharu also wins for waking me up as I was falling asleep towards the end of the show. She was hyper (to put it lightly) during her memory segment, and made everybody who looked more or less bored, laugh heartily. Not to mention her rounds of high fives and punching that creepster Akachin in his fat head. Hooray for both of you for beeing the Boss of the Week.

My Take: I hope my boredom this week didn’t show. It probably did though, and that’s okay, because it was boring this week. Most of the time either nobody had anything to say or they were too exhausted to say it. GakiKame was good except when they slid the cans and booklets across the table–that was minimally impressive, I don’t mind that much though.

Aika’s segment was just weird, but Reina made it entertaining, again, nobody really said much else. Once again Reina is back up there with her weird introduction and PK, grabbing my attention. Gaki Korea was actually interesting because the dual effect was actually done well as to how I though it would appear, so that made it better than past Gaki Korea’s. Koha’s memorization–I thought it was pretty good. Nobody really knows what those small things are called anyways, so not having common knowledge in them made it harder to complete. Not to mention her jumping around really startled me and made me laugh, her high fives were unpredictable and funny also. I don’t even care if that was annoying or not, she made it interesting and brought the seriousness of memory segments down a notch.

All in all I wouldn’t recommend you watch it. Even though 5/5 of the videos were once again all by the girls, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to be interesting, today is the best example of that…I don’t know what to expect next week or if MouTube is really done for.


-Kendo Gi’s? Not a Moutube logo to be found?

-GakiKame Corporate NG’s

-9 Way Memory King Battle


There are Ouedan/SNS pictures from this episode:










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  2. Congrats on some reviews/posts regarding your blog!

    – Honki

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