Posted by: sauder | May 5, 2008

Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ Memory King Battle pt. 1/2

No Moutube this week. Is this a good or a bad thing? Lets find out.

This’ll be a rather brief day but its Memory Battle Time! Today’s theme is “Bujutsu武術” or the Martial (arts) Way!

Lets see your Bujutsu–Shige. She attempts a pose but fails cutely.


–let’s get it on. The Musume’s will be broken into team A and B, at the end of the Memory Tourney the winner from team A will compete against the winner from team B.

They’ll draw a card when it’s their respective turn. If they take too much time to say the name of the leafy object on their card they they FAIL that card and have to put it back randomly into the pack for someone else to get. If you PASS you get the card, so whoever has the most cards at the end wins!

Everybody’s studying hard!

Oh Shige…you get no more time to study! No more yelling at us to wait for you!

They all draw sticks to see who will go 1st 2nd 3rd etc. Remind you of old Hello Morning Zekkyou CM!’s?

The order will go Shige, Aika, Tanakacchi, Gakisan, and then JunJun.

Round 1: Only Sayu fails everyone else passes.

Round 2: Sayu is about to fail again and Koharu just tells her to give it up, and yes she fails anyway. Everyone else passes.

Round 3: Sayu wants her next card to be a Tomato because she knows what that is (lol), however it’s not a tomato and suprisingly she gets her card right. Everyone else passes.

Round 4: Sayu finally draws a Tomato! She’s super excited since the chances of her getting it were realitively low so she jumps up and down. Tanaka fails hers, Gaki is struggling but she knows it, she gets it. JunJun is once again at a disadvantage because Japanese is her second language. She thinks her veggie starts with a Yo, so as time ticks down she keeps going “Yo-Yo-Yo” then somebody says “There isn’t even a Yo!” (lol). So Jun fails it.

Standings: Aika/Gaki are tied for 1st

Jun/Tanaka are tied for 3rd(technically)

Shige is at the bottom at 5th(technically)

Round 5: Shige fails immediately. Aika is struggling with the pronunciation of her veggie (yeah they’re stingy) and everybody is tweaking out around her because they know how to say it, so Aika fails. Since it’s the first time she’s ever gotten anything wrong Tanakacchi “Ha ha ha’s” her and claps in her face and Aika playfully hits her back. Gaki is struggling with her veggie. She gets the first part of the name right but can’t remember the rest, the answer she gives is one character off (Ku is right Gu is wrong). JunJun gets the same card Aika failed at–and fails.

Round 6: Tanaka gets the card Risa failed at and gets the word completely wrong (ooguromaki!)–but hey she’s having fun. Gaki fails. Jun fails.

Standings: Aika is in 1st

Gaki/Reina are tied for 2nd

Shige/Jun are tied for 4th

Round 7: Aika gets the toughie card that Gaki/Tanaka failed at. She also fails for a mispronunciation. Tanaka fails. Jun gets the toughie card again already. She basically just thinks of something silly which is incorrect, but she’s laughing instead of her usual angst. Will no one get this dreadful card?

Round 8: Sayu gets the tough card. Ookurokuwana? No! Fail! Since it’s too hard the producers decide to take that card out of the game. Gaki fails. JunJun fails at the same card Gaki had. Six more cards left–lets go!

Standings: Aika is in 1st

Gaki/Reina are tied for 2nd

Shige is in 4th

JunJun is in 5th

Round 9: Sayu has 2/3 of the little stringy bean cards and she has to answer the last one. She’s struggling but she remembers it has 16 beans–she Passes. Tanaka gets the toughie (Endaibu) right, she has to say it slower a second time since she’s so excited. JunJun has a heartattack because she gets just about the hardest card again…she just basically says screw it and says she doesn’t know. Sayu gets the same card and gets it wrong. Jun knows it all of a sudden but’ll have to wait. Reina nabs the card and gets it right and does a little triumphant hand smack.

Final Standings: Aika came in 1st with 8pts

Tanakacchi came in 2nd with 7pts

Gaki came in 3rd with 6pts

Sayu came in 4th with 5pts

JunJun came in 5th with 3pts

So Aika GET. She’ll move on to face the winner from team B in the week after next.

HM@ Boss of the Week: Goes to Tanakacchi. Her wonderful face expressions, zeal, and getting the last toughie card right made his episode fun. Goodness knows I don’t have a favoring towards her–but she’s been really making HM fun these past few times and stepping it up by stepping forward, more than her colleagues. Keep it up Renchan.

The episode was okay. Watching them fail and jump up and down was interesting. Jun is starting to take games less seriously, as she even laughed when she got one wrong– thank goodness. The rest of the girls in Team B hung out in the back and did nothing–which must have been super boring. There was something about the whole episode that made it dull though, not to mention it still reeked of Moutube. Nothing made me laugh, except at times Sayu’s constant failing, but nothing made me want to stop watching it either. I guess it just felt like an established routine since Memory Segments have already been going on within Moutube, it just seemed like regular people taking an oral test during school.


-Lin vs. Aichan vs. Kamei vs. Koharu—Team B Battle!

There are SNS/Bujutsu pictures for this episode:


  1. […] Chriz83 wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThey’ll draw a card when it’s their respective turn. If they take too much time to say the name of the leafy object on their card they they FAIL that card and have to put it back randomly into the pack for someone else to get. … […]

  2. It feels like next week will be a little more humorous – Kamei’s known for her absurd comments, Takahashi’s still… Takahashi, Kusumi’s been pretty quirky, and Linlin has shown hilarious acts on Moutube and with her flipflop ears.

  3. very nice review, lookin forward to future reviews too. =]

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