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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ Memory King Battle pt.2/2

You know what I just realized… there were supposed to be GakiKame NG’s last week. Oh well, TVTokyo lying/confusing me isn’t anything new. =) I probably just misinterpreted something. Well this week obviously is a continuation of last weeks battle. The episode starts off right away with a short recap of what happened during the Team A Battle, Sayu’s Tomato card, Reina’s teasing, Aika’s win? I hope you didn’t forget.

So whoever wins from Team B will go on to face Aika in the last challenge.

So the theme still stands from last week of “Bujutsu武術”! And this time it’s Team B’s turn of, Takahashi Ai, Kamei Eri, Lin Lin, and Kusumi Koharu.

So everybody’s been studyin’ hard in the study room, most of the objects seem to be scientific. I can’t describe it but Lin Lin does the most ADHD playful frustration desk smack over and over.

Everybody draws sticks so that the order will be Kamei, Koharu, Aichan, and LinLin. Notice that instead of saying not only how many cards they’ve done, it now also says how many points each of them has.

Round 1: Kamei struggles for half a second with a Xylophone and eventually gets it. (Why they show an example of what that is–I don’t know it’s a kid’s show.) Koha gets Overhead Projector right (OHP). Aichan gets her Measuring Cylinders right. LinLin however…is struggling with the name of an Upright Xylophone thing, whereas Aichan/Koharu are basically busting because they know it. She get’s it in the end though.

Round 2: Kamei/Koha pass, but then it gets to Aichan. She has a bunch of metal bits…that are made of Aluminum, Nickel, and Copper(which is usually turned into an alloy to make things like pan’s more heat resistant.) She gets it right, LinLin however is struggling with a dustpan, maybe on account of there are three different types of them! Yeech but after some jibberish she clears it.

Round 3: Kamei winces because she got another version of the dustpan card, she clears it. Koha clears. Aichan clears. LinLin fails immediately…awww. She’s the first one to fail a card so far.

Round 4: Ahhh! Kamei fails immediately on her card (a badminton Birdie). Koha passes, Aichan passes while reminding me of a triumphant elementary school kid. LinLin fails again…which is a bit sad. If only she were a polyglot.

Standings: Aichan/Koharu are tied for 1st

Kamei is in 3rd

LinLin is in 4th

Round 5: Kamei fails right away again. Koharu then gets the Badminton Birdie card that Kamei failed at previously. She’s struggling a lot…so she just guesses while everyone stands by and gets it wrong. Hmmm…this week seems a little more serious and you can see some internal emotions of getting a card wrong. Aichan/LinLin pass.

Round 6: Kamei nearly fails again but she gets her card of Whiteboard Eraser right. I’m so excited that Aichan got the card of which I use almost every day, Starting Blocks (track/field), she passes. LinLin…I’m feeling mucho sorry for this girl, she fails once again after some stuttering, but she was only off by one character–so that’s good! Even in a game with friends, getting stuff wrong makes you feel a little dumb/not good, huh?

Standings: Aichan is in 1st

Koharu is in 2nd

Kamei is in 3rd

LinLin is in 4th

Can the leader win the whole thing!?

Round 7: Kamei/Koha pass. Aichan is struggling…she’s got the Ka right and just says about every word she knows starting with Ka. She fails it after like 5 Mulligans. LinLin has got the dreaded Badminton Birdie card, and Koharu is looking on in horror, LinLin fails once again…

Round 8: Kamei fails at her card of a Belthole Puncher, Koharu gets her card right suprisingly quick, and Aichan finally gets the Badminton Birdie card right so it won’t trouble anyone else. And then LinLin…she looks so blank right now, I want to tell her the answer so badly.

Round 9: Kamei passes. Koharu goes on confidently again, but there’s no ding to ensure that she’s correct. She fails and she’s completely taken aback by it, she randomly looked way pretty whilst staring at her card in shock. She was only a character off though! Aichan passes. Lin Lin fails once again…

Round 10: Kamei looks a little pissed that she fails. Koharu fails once again. Aichan gets the card Koharu got wrong, right. Lin Lin fails…I’m starting to see either serious concern by some or serious tension by some during these stumbling alongs of everyone. Someone crack a joke please…

Standings: Aichan is in 1st

Koharu is in 2nd

Kamei is in 3rd

Lin Lin is way in 4th

Round 11: Kamei gets the card that was previously failed at, and fails. Koharu gets the card Belthole Puncher that Kamei previously failed at, she fails. Aichan gets the card that Kamei just failed at, and LinLin failed previously. Aichan passes, and damn straight that’s “Sugoi”, what an intelligent leader. Lin Lin fails again.

Round 12: Kamei fails. Koha nicks the same card and get sit wrong. Can LinLin get it right? No she can’t…wow I almost feel like this is super embarrassing for her even if it’s a game…Aichan gets the Belthole Puncher and gets it wrong, so she hands it off to LinLin again, she gets it wrong but at least she’s laughing.

Round 13: I’m supposing this is Round 13, but they go back to LinLin to see if she can get the card she’s failed at the past few times. She can’t. Kamei gets the card and can’t get it either. I guess they can skip Koharu… Aichan guesses but she’s off by one character, “no way!”. Since the card is such a toughie and nobody is gonna get it, they take it out of the game. LinLin gets what looks to be a Petri Dish…god if I know though, she fails.

Round 14: The Petri card is the last one, Kamei tries to guess, and fails. Koharu fails… and then Aichan. She guesses correct, how the hell did she get that right…goodness she’s way too smart for her own good. Everybody claps at her, because god damn that was a good performance.

Final Standings: Aichan wins it with 11pts

Koharu comes in 2nd with 7pts

Kamei comes in 3rd with 6pts

LinLin comes in 4th with 3pts

So Aichan wins this shiz and smothers her underclassmen into the ground. She’ll be going up against Aika next Memory King for the title. Ganbare!

HM@ Boss of the Week:Goes to none other than the undeniable, poised, and intellegent Takahashi Ai. Blazing through the cards, she answered the toughies that no one else could get–even surpassing Koharu. She definitely displayed her mental talent that complements her physical prowess and leadership skills . Congratulations on winning this week!

Well my take on it is just about the same as last time, except today’s episode was a bit more enjoyable. Everyone was great except I felt really bad for LinLin. I know that losing is part of games/quizzes…but only getting that many right would make me feel a little dumb on national television. Not to mention the aura was a bit more…something.

For instance when someone didn’t get one right there was more of a depressed/focused mood coming from everyone afterwards instead of laughing. On that note, watching a bit too closely as I always do; there seemed to be a little bit of tension between Kamei/Koha. Don’t tell me you didn’t see Kamei whip out some of those death glares.Oh well, Kamei seemed blatantly uninterested today after everything was said and done.

For example the small segment towards the end as Ai is counting her cards Kamei looks like she really wanted the day to be over, so maybe she was just tired. Or maybe the unmosaic-ing of her “scandal” has her a little stressed. At that I thought this would be a sneaky place to link a summary of the article and all the pictures… since I feel uncomfortable putting it anywhere else.

Warning: If the whole Kamei scandal upsets you, don’t click any of the links. I’ve already expressed my own views that subject and you’ve read this so you know what you’re opening.


Image: 1 2 3 4

Anyways all that aside, I’m looking forward to next week, and I’m curious to see this Kamei/Aichan skit. All I can say as far as management planning goes, it was a good choice to have the show be split instead of having a memory segment the whole time, mixing it up is key when trying to keep the attention of an audience. Maybe the costumes will change in the middle of the episode or something. That said–the Moutube is back.


-More TvTokyo costume lies?

Moutube is back!

-Kamei/Aichan skit

-Koharu and Kirarin Revolutions new character?

-Student vs Master–Takahashi vs Aika Memory Finals

There are Bujutsu/SNS pictures for this episode:


  1. If you mean the GakiKame NGs for the office episode, they were shown after the closing credits, before the ‘end’ bit where they’re all floating down on balloons.

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