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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@Memory Segment Finals/Moutube pt. 14.5

Hmmm it’s May isn’t it? It’s getting light and summery. Maybe that means new oppurtunities, chances, being outside. But I guess we can skip all that and watch Haromoni@ instead. You know you want to.

This weeks theme is Yousei妖精 or Fairies! Everybody is more or less wearing Easter-type colors.

Lets start the day off with Moutube shall we?

1/3 : Takahashi as TsuboTsubo Man! Today this lame pun filled character is going to lure an innocent Musume into her lair and subject her to some creative foot torture.

And who’s more random than “Kamei” the one who seems to always be picked for these kinds of things…poor girl probably thought she was just going to get cool food for being amazing on HM@. NOT. She tries to retreat back a little, but is pulled inside.

You can see the fear in Kamei’s eyes. The fear of being alone with an obvious PCP addict as she’s sat in Tsubo’s druggie recliner.

TsuboTsuboMan prods her with obnoxious cackling and puns until Kamei makes it clear she isn’t funny.

Now sitting in a chair Kamei is asked a question that has the answers A, B, C, or D. Little does she know, there are little stickers on her foot with those letters, so regardless of her answer–she’s in for some pain.

Its not like she can think properly with Aichan laughing in her face and telling more ridiculously bad jokes, but she guesses A.

It’s right then that she begins to catch on and sees a huge lady with small hands kneeling in the corner.

Kamei: “Scary, scary!”

Here comes the pain…and the immediate reaction is absolutely priceless.

Kamei:”IIIII~~TAIII! Itai itai itai -tai -tai!”

A gif would be more appropriate hmmm? (credit to e/e forums)

And of course they have to play it back a second time slow motion. So…there’s Tsubo laughing like an idiot while Kamei is still in mild pain and shock. They both wave goodbye.

Ai’s embarrassed by her video as always–like she should be! I’d smack her in the face if she acted that way all the time.

2/3: You know when Koha appears in regular clothes she’s doing something dastardly.

I know your trying to knock on the camera dear–but we can see you.

Anyways “Koha’s been fishin up Rokkies 2003 footage and dubbing it!”

First they watch the original footage of all of them looking into a camera. All of them laugh at how little and silly they looked. Especially Reina’s face at the end.

Let the dubbing begin! Koharu: Tako de~su!

She’s dangerous…but 9/9 Musume’s agree, she’s legit.

3/3: After that riveting dub, Princess Wai Wai! But wait Koharu is irritated because her own Super Hayakusumi corner ended. (notice her voice is like 20 decibels higher than it normally is) Sayu says that Princess Wai Wai is good, and Koharu replies with a not really.

Akachin asks her to repeat it (oh snap) and she repeats again that she doesn’t think Princess Wai Wai is good and that it’s unfair that that continues instead of Super Hayakusumi. Sayu says that it’s good that Koharu has a new corner, and Sayu herself doesn’t have one because “she isn’t Princess Wai Wai” (insert mysteriousness). Hilarity ensues.

So onto Wai Wai and her less than happy assistant Hoi Hoi. First there is food.

Shake Shake Shake

Then there is pepper~~! How in the world did she do that! (sarcasm)

Now there’s popcorn kernels.

That turn into popcorn after a bit of shaking.

And of course you’ve got to Y balance at the end….

As expected she only gets two stars for her cheesey magic trick. At least Ai felt sorry for her.

Morning Musume Memory Segment Finals:

It’s Mitsui vs. Takahashi. Who’s going to win the big shabang. They rewind back and look at all the failures of previous members.

They’ve been studying 50 Animals, hardcore. Ganbare.

So the rules are a little different this time, since there are only two people. If a person gets it right, they get a card and one point. If a person gets it wrong, then the card is given to the next person so that they can guess, but if both of them get a card wrong, its truncated and counted as a Draw. Thank god for this, or else it would take forever.

Aichan wins rock-paper-scissors for once
and will go first.

Card 50:

Aichan gets a card of a weird animal and fails. It’s turned over to Mitsui who knows the answer right away.

Card 49-44:

Are cleared easily by both of them.

Standings: Yet Aichan is losing.

Mitsui has 5pts.

Aichan has 3pts.

Only one person can win this shiz. Step it up Aichan.

Card 43: Aichan can’t get it right and is forced to give it up to Aika who gets it. Awwww…

From then on it’s all downhill for Ai. She gets literally the next 9 or so cards wrong, giving them up to Mitsui to get right.


Mitsui has 15pts.

Ai still has 3 pts.

All of a sudden Ai gets her stuff together and starts getting them right.

Card 13:

But lil’Mitsui is struggling with her card. Can she do it?

She aces it of course.

A few GETS later, there are only five cards left.

You guessed it, she GETSx5.

Everyone’s excited, even Koharu who’s normally bouncing around can’t keep up with Eri.

Final Standings:

Mitsui Aika 34

Takahashi Ai 16

Ai got owned to say the very least.

HM@ Boss of the Week: Goes to Kamei Eri! From being dragged into a recliner, enduring shameless puns, and being subjected to torture, Eri was a good sport. She looked a little irritated at first but her priceless “Itai” was a huge highlight in today’s episode, and her pain shouldn’t go unnoticed. Congratulations for enduring “random” selections Kame-chan!

Well all in all the episode was good until the Memory Segment. TsuboTsuboMan(TTM) was interesting because it wasn’t Doi Takako, and we could see what Ai would have been like if she was shamelessly annoying. Kamei looked like she was genuinely picked out of the blue, since she reverted to a type of natural uncertainty that I haven’t seen out of her in awhile. Her screams were hilarious, especially in slo-mo playback, and her exasperated wave at the end.

She looked a little bit irritated at times throughout it, but she carried on anyway. Koharu’s dub would have been interesting if I understood more than just the end, however it was cute to see mini’d 6th gen, and the current rokkies freaking out on the set at their younger selves.

What do I think about Princess Wai Wai? Well…Koharu’s right, I did find her segment more interesting than Wai Wai, especially because these “tricks” aren’t really “tricks” anymore. I find it lightly annoying to watch Sayu prance around, but the fact that she’s having fun makes it a little better. Have her do something else though. The Memory Segment was mildly interesting also. The whole outcome was to be expected though, so that made it 80% less amusing. Even though there was an outrageous amount of cheese in this episode, I’m expecting the majority of watchers to enjoy it, so don’t mind my tiredness. I’m really interested in Jun’s face next time though, looks she has some crazy muscle control.

As for that Kamei/Koha interaction last week. Either they made up or they’re becoming closer, you can see a lot more happy background reactions between the two of them this week mainly Kamei to Koha. Sayu/Reina had some cute interactions too, but other than that I didn’t really notice anything out of the norm coming from any other members other than Lin Lin got a haircut.

Princess Wai Wai Revealed!: I’m sorry but if you can logically deduce answers, then you barely deserve to watch this show. As shown by Hoi Hoi through a clear cylinder, the seeds or smaller substance is placed on top, and the popcorn is placed on the bottom. When shaken the seeds fall to the bottom and reveal the popcorn on top–looking like it “magically appeared.”


-Fairy costume continuation

-HM@ Idiot Girl Segment


-JunJun’s crazy ability to not flinch when a balloon is popped

There are Yousei妖/SNS pictures for this episode:


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  2. For some reason, in the animated GIF, Eri looks slightly like Hannah Montana at one point.

  3. awesome review! thanks! i can now understand the episode even further. ^_^

  4. ruggedness says : I absolutely agree with this !

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