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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ Stupid Girl Test and Moutube Pt. 15/16

So I’m sorry I’ve been a few hours late these past few times, but graduation parties, Indiana Jones, and shopping…how could I possibly resist, but you don’t know what time it is? C’mon you know what you came here for some hot and steamy Haromoni@! So the theme from last time of

Yousei妖精 or Faeries still stands!

So lets start off with some Moutube shall we?

1/3: It’s GakiKame NG guessing time! So we see Kamei being late for school. (she’s always late for something isn’t she.)

She grabs her umbrella and runs outside but wait–it’s not raining!

Instead of going back inside like a normal person, she throws the umbrella over her head and into the umbrella holder.

Now here’s the catch, they show you the completed throw, but how many times did it take her before she got it?

So each member holds up a sign saying if they think it took below 49times or over 50. Takahashi and JunJun are the only ones who think it’s below 49, so everyone else thinks its over 50.

Take 3

Take 10: She barely misses the umbrella holder (the white umbrella nearest to the screen) and it’s not good enough–do it again!

Take 20

She barely misses again…poor thing.

Take 40/43

After many takes Kamei gets to Take 49 and misses, so Takahashi/JunJuns predictions are wrong.

Kamei: “God, please let this umbrella go in!”

So lets skip ahead a few close misses later.

Take 139…so Kamei is seriously getting irritated as hell while taking a new umbrella from the staff person…but she gets it (even though it banks off the wall)!

And after around 3 instant replays you know she’s legit.

Kamei: “I did it!!!!!!” and then she proceeds to jump around like the happy camper she now is.

It’s hard to catch but she slips an A~~to in there, but no Gaki, you can’t just call the segment ____Kame, haha.

So all the people who voted SMALL…yet you Aichan/JunJun, lets have you do be subjected to something unusual… Mmm….how about just you Panda.

2/3: So JunJun’s been put in a room with a high speed capture camera, and little does she know Cabbage-kun is right behind her and ready to pop a balloon in her face!

So we see the clip and normal speed, and see her be freaked out, and then the real fun begins. They SUPER SLOW down the clip to see milisecond by milisecond how she reacted to the balloon.

Idiot Girl Test; Moutube:

3/3: I found it funny that this was still a Moutube video…but anyway this time its your favorite kids from down the block, Kamei, JunJun, LinLin, Shige competing to not be the idiot girl.

Only five minutes study time–cram!

Please study instead of drawing Shige.

It’s decided that the order will go JunJun/Sayu/Eri/LinLin respectively.

The rules are the same as previous memory battles, you get it right you get a point and it moves onto the next person.

Round 1: Everyone gets everything right except Kamei lets go of her card like she literally touched fire, struggles and fails it. LinLin passes.

Round 2: Everyone passes, and then once again its Eri who fails once again, LinLin passes.

Round 3: Jun is struggling and says an answer, of which Kamei basically is jokingly like “Why would it be that word?” and it was that word, lol, please study harder before saying things like that Kamei. Sayu passes, Kamei struggles again and fails, LinLin passes.

Standings: Theres a three way tie between JunJun, Shige, LinLin with 3pts

Kamei Eri is in last place with 0pts

Round 4: Everyone passes. Even turtle girl…

Round 5: Everyone passes.

Round 6: Everyone passes (or do they?)

Standings: There is a tie between JunJun/Shige for 1st place with 6pts.

LinLin is in 2nd place with 5pts.

Kamei Eri is in last with 3 pts.

Still in Round 6 they show LinLin now with a pretty good reaction as she gets her card wrong, when she thought she got it right. Everyone collectively gives a “omg”.

Round 7: Jun is struggling a lot and you can see the tension rise as she struggles with her card and stands up to focus but still gets it wrong (absolute silence from everyone.) Shige gets hers wrong. Kamei is confident in hers and answers, the buzzer people make her sweat a little bit and press the correct ding late, so she passes. LinLin fails…

Standings: There’s still a tie between JunJun/Shige for 1st with 6pts.

LinLin is in 2nd with 5 pts

Kamei Eri is in last with 4pts.

Round 8: JunJun passes, Shige fails by saying “Pero”, Kamei fails, LinLin fails, to put it shortly.

Round 9: JunJun passes, Shige gets the same card as last round and tries “Peru” but is still wrong, Kamei gets the same card as the last round and her and Shige share a “What the hell we got the same exact card, we just happen to get screwed over so often, don’t we?”–moment. Long story short Kamei fails and so does LinLin.

Round 10: JunJun passes, Shige gets screwed over AGAIN with the same card for the third time, after much laughing from the peanut gallery, she’s tried Pero, and Peru…Peko can’t hurt–but it’s still wrong. Kamei gets screwed over AGAIN which causes another “Why do we get screwed over so much.” hug between Eri and Sayu and more peanut gallery laughing, essentially Kamei fails, It’s Lin’s turn to get screwed over, and fail.

Round 11: JunJun passes, Shige gets the same card for the fourth time and totally wants to get up and say “screw it”, but instead she guesses “Pete”, and fails. Kamei gets the same card that she’s been getting but she passes, Lin gets screwed over again and Jun gets the card right.

Standings: Sayu/Lin have 6 pts

Kamei Eri has 5 pts

With two cards left this is going to be a close battle!

Round 12: Shige passes, possibily sealing the deal, and now it’s just between Kamei and Lin Lin. Kamei guesses “Peru” which was already verified a wrong answer, and LinLin is jumping up and down like she’s going to pee herself. It was “Pere!” Kamei!

Results: Technically last is first, so Kamei Eri is our Stupid Girl!~~Congrats!

Kamei: “I shouldn’t tell this to Mom when I get home…”

HM@ Boss of the Week: I’m sorry, I don’t plan these things but once again its Kamei Eri, even though she’s the Stupid Girl of the week, she still put up with 139 takes of umbrella missing madness, and getting screwed over with the same trivia card. So with one of her more lovable HM@ performances, Kamei Eri is the Boss of the Week, Congratulations!

Well my own take of the episode is actually pretty favorable this time. GakiKame (or just Kame) was pretty interesting to watch, especially because it took 139 times, I can’t even handle rewriting the same sentence twice, let alone that. Way to keep a level head Kamei. As for JunJun I’m so glad that she got a punishment, because we need punishment games! The whole memory segment thing was pretty normal, until Shige/Kamei/ some LinLin started getting screwed over with the same card, it was funny to watch their reactions. Next week is going to be pure madness, I can tell you that now. Random Satoda Mai sightings, edgy outfits, sushi pictures, ahhh~~~!

I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, accept Kamei/Shige’s interactions were really cute/genuine, and somehow LinLin was just “there” at times.


-Punk Rocker outfits!

Satoda Mai vs. Morning Musume (Memory Battle Participation)

-We have some GakiKorea!

-Mitsui’s Sushi Kitchen!

-Memory Battle (Stupid Girl) Continuation

There are Yousei/SNS pictures for this episode:


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