Posted by: sauder | June 2, 2008

The S Word–Scandal! (Rant Version)

The title is nuff said. I’m definitely going to have to become more lax about this place because I’m always so careful about what I say and post.

Not today.

First of all, let it be known that my reaction to Miyabi isn’t even intentional (being as I don’t feel like overreacting), she’s the one who just threw fuel on the fire for me to put my two cents in. I couldn’t even wait until tommorow to write this because it’s just something that’s irked me about all H!P scandals and the way I react and feel about them. Well since the latest victim has been Miyabi, I’ll take a look at her.

First of all, I don’t know about Buono other than apparently they were selling a lot of units, and I also know zero about Berryz because to me they’re way past radar in terms of many different things. Anyway lets rewind a few hours.

So I’m working on a music video for our high school multimedia class after school, and it’s just me and two of my best friends. I’m bored and I’m waiting for them to finish up so I check H!O, expecting A cute and funny Pocket Morning and I get this! I’ve got to say I had a mini-freak out in my mind thinking that it was someone from C-ute, because I’m actually starting to get into them. When I found out she was from Berryz though, the seriousness of it dropped so far that I actually started laughing and saying ,”She’s so fucked!”. My friends come over to see, and they start laughing too, because it’s not like there’s one cruddy pixelated picture, it’s like a fricking photo album complete with videotaped action. How the hell do you talk your way out of that one when your sitting in front of Tsunku/UFA/ and your parents…ouch.

So as we were walking home, I suddenly remembered that audio rip with Miki/Yossie/and to some extent Ai-chan talking about Miya and her virginity. I got floored with laughter again and thought about how they said that “She gives the impression that she’s experienced it already.”– it kind of passed over to her relations with that kid didn’t it? So to me, it kind of matches up, except the whole sexually active part. I thought it was weird in the first place that I even remembered that it was Miyabi they were talking about, but anyways… no matter what happens she’s still gonna have a lot of crud to deal with.

Which leads me to being a male deprived female working in the entertainment industry. It would suck shit. But here’s the critical thing we all have to remember. I should put fireworks and glitter around this next part since this is the basis of my own thinking.

Critical Point: Even though they’re teenagers (like me), and want to explore relationships. They signed a contract. Regardless of if it’s specifically stated in their contract or not, they know it’s against the rules to be frolicking around with any boy. It doesn’t only effect how her fans think about her as an idol, it also effects how her family thinks about her, not to mention her crestfallen bandmates, and the rest of H!P. It’s all about the obligation.

There are so many parties and things involved in something like this. Just think about it for a sec. Your parents are disappointed in you, your extended family who brags about you is disappointed in you, your bandmates who try to be positive can’t help but resent you, your H!P Senpai will stare at you when you walk by now, your manager won’t trust you to be cautious again, Tsunku, your fricking musical genius idol thinks poorer of you after seeing the pictures and video. Everyone is just getting so down at you, and you must feel like a 100% asshole because of all the people you hurt. I know I would.

Now this is all if you’re guilty, and you know you’re screwed.

I don’t see much of Miya, but in my opinion it looks to be her in the pic/video for the most part. Also, from the previous audio mic rip, I feel like she’s had a history with boys. Not like she was promiscious but she’s had her fair share of boy encounters. So like I said before, if its her, which I think it is, then “Shes fucked” and she can’t even get out of it, unless UFA really feels like saving her (for Buono’s sake).

I only say that because I remember seeing the pictures from the “Reina scandal” from God knows when, and I don’t remember the specifics of the story, other than she almost left (or something). If it was her, she definitely got saved. I really believe if there’s enough question-mark space in whether it’s really the member in question or not, UFA saves them from the hot flames of immediate unemployment. It makes sense though, you can speculate forever but fans never really know, unless there’s hi-res full frontal shots. So there’s always the chance it’s not her, which it very well might not be. But all I know is regardless, she’s probably getting a talking to right now by someone somewhere.

Which reminds me before I end. They were hanging out in the subway, the fricking subway. People go in and out, to and fro in that germ pool and I bet you can certainly catch a glimpse of celebrities from time to time(hey–MM still have Suica). Aside from that, a hat only covers so much of your face, especially when your in a secluded corner playing around with your guy. Not only does that draw attention to your presence, but if looked at at the right angle seeing faces wouldn’t be too difficult.

It might be the super-ironic-yet-not fact that there was someone who passed by who happened to know who she was that made the whole scandal start, since obviously if you were just assumed to be regular teenagers they would have been left alone. I’m not sure how to say this but; if you want to have relations with a boy, and its forbidden, don’t go out in public. I mean, sure you can maybe get away with going to some obscure store on the outskirts of Tokyo, but come on. If you seriously care, you should be responsible enough to know that there are people who’s job it is to follow you around and take pictures, and people who are just plain creepy and follow you around anyway.

Lock you and your lover the fuck down and just enjoy a quiet movie at home.

Go to his place, invite him over, meet at a mutual good friends house, but never go outside, unless you know nobody will know who you are. Even though this would take a toll on the relationship, being indoors all the time, it’s your safest bet. You’re not supposed to be doing it anyway–so don’t expect it to have all the freedom that a normal undercover idol relationship has. As a matter of fact, I’d say, only if you really liked this fellow, perhaps love even, should you take him outside the home regularly.

Do your hair differently, wear a hat, wear sunglasses, wear a piece of clothing that’s non-recognizable! Something! So all in all, none of that was specifically referring to Miya, except some parts, and neither was I scolding her in an abstract way. If your gonna do it to it, be careful about it, or it’ll cost you a lifestyle and probably a reputation too.

But if you know you didn’t do it, stand by it.

Honestly being honest, I don’t know how much I would care if she left, since I don’t focus on her anyway, but it’d still be sad to see her go. Anyways like I said earlier I definitely need to become a little more lax about this place. Not this lax (5 minutes of thinking put into text), since this is going in my newly created “Rant Section”, but just more relaxed than it has been. Ahh–and for those of you that have been freaking out about HM@, i’ll get it up sometime this week, since yesterday was my 16th Birthday. =]


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