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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ Moutube pt. 20

Wow where the hell have I been? I’m sorry, it’s been what three weeks or so? I missed TsuboTsubo, High King, and more memory battles!? Well school is finally over, finals, goodbyes, and what not so I’m finally free. It feels really great to be back here and actually post something that (although very tedious) I like to do, so for once instead of writing in the dead of night. I made myself a stack of Pa-Pancakes, some fresh orange juice, and I’m going to sit down and enjoy writing this review:)

So this weeks theme is Summer Polkadot Dresses, and everyone is looking quite cute in their bright colors.

Sayu gets a little bit sexy during her introduction which generates a hot and bothered reaction from the rest of the girls.

Well lets move onto today’s Moutube lineup! Sayu decides that we should start off with some GAKIKAME. Sounds good to me.

1/5:So we arrive at a dreary school setting where the teacher is giving a lecture and everybody is bored as hell.

Including the class celebrity, Niigaki. That is until she notices something that catches her eye…

Of course she has to tell her friend behind her.

“Pssst the teachers fly is open!”

And yes the girl can’t hear worth crud, (blinking quickly doesn’t mean you’ll magically hear her) so Gaki needs a plan B..

So instead of asking someone to pass on the note, like a normal person, she makes a silly looking airplane with a message scribbled on it and tries to make it arc around the room to her buddy.

Since this is a quiz, of course they need to guess how many times it’ll take. Lower than 99 SMALL, high than 100 BIG.

Kamei: “I voted BIG because Gaki has no sense of direction.”

Gaki: “Since when!!!???”

I’ve gotta agree with Kamei here, Gaki’s immediately failing at this right now… when she releases it keeps fluttering over to generally random places.

Take 46: She completely almost takes out the eye of some guy minding his own business in his desk.

Take 47: Then the very next take she hits the teacher in the head…

I’m not gonna lie…maybe they should have made a more legit airplane or something, because this is taking forever. As she gets better at arcing, she almost makes it to her friend quite a few times.

Take 96: Ah! The golden Take 96 she lets the plane arc around the room until it nails the girl in the chest. Atta kid! (the plane is hard to see but if you squint by where the map is on the wall in the background, you can see the white blur at the end of it)

You can see her give a small triumphant smile (despite pixelation). She’s so pleased with herself right now.

Because LinLin went BIG, shes going to have a punishment game later, I wonder what it could be…

2/5 :Oh my good lord. JunJun/LinLin speaking Chinese is the most win thing since $6 Little Caesars pizza–so damn cute! It’s got to be the first time I’ve heard them talk fluently, but more importantly they’re expressing their love of Takoyaki!

JunJun reveals some Black Takoyaki…

LinLin reveals her Red Takoyaki…

And the girls have to guess which one is real the Takoyaki and which is fake.

Jun’s is good, Lin’s isn’t and the black Takoyaki’ists win and get to eat it as a prize. They then show how Black Takoyaki is made by mixing that powder in with a mixture to turn it black (basically blueish) and then cook it.

As usual the rest (Mitsui and Kamei) look on in complete hunger, while JunJun and LinLin don’t even get to eat any either.

3/5:Well lets move on from that. As a matter of fact, where’s Ai-chan?

That’s right… while using an HM@ Laptop “Ai-chan’s been studyin’ hard to make sure she doesn’t forget all 20 tasty prefecture Bento Boxes!”. Did I mention that everyone gets Bento as a prize if she does it?

Somehow the camera catches a series of weird looks from Ai-chan…

She blazing through her Bento so far…

And now it’s the last one and if she gets it right, everybody gets a Bento. No pressure leader.

Of course, she aces it and everyone gets a Bento.

Kamei’s reaction to her leafy one is cute here also.

They call jointedly give Ai-chan a hearty thanks, since they now can fill their bellies with fish eggs and what not…

Everyone: “Arigatou Gozaimas~~~u!’

Takahashi: “I’m just glad I got them right.” and somehow all the staff laugh at this…

Oh but the fun doesn’t end. We forgot to punish LinLin didn’t we…?

4/5: Which leads us to more slo-mo screaming.

5/5:Next they show the completed GAKIKAME which is the same thing except duh, no NG’s and Gaki does an A-to.

HM@ Boss of the Week: This weeks HM@ Boss award definitely has to go to Takahashi Ai. Even though Niigaki went through 96 takes of horror, Takahashi earned food for her Kouhai by her divine powers of memorization. What’s better than winning something for everyone to share? Congratulations for making this episode fun (for the girls).

Ah, seriously, I’ve been gone too long! I really don’t have much to say about this episode except GAKIKAME could have potentially taken forever, it was surprising to hear the Panda’s not stutter since they were speaking Chinese, and the drooling looks in the minibox while Takoyaki was being explained was priceless. It was like going back to Magic Resturaunt days, except with even more seafood (which I HATE). Other than that the episode was fairly normal, but next week’s should be even more interesting. Haruna Ai is a trans gender TV personality, lol. It seems like she does a lot of idol impersonations, including Ayaya, so this should be quite an…amusing episode next time, especially with some very extravagant looking Evening Gowns. I’m sure everyone will look very pretty.


Reina and Sayu examine special guest Haruna Ai’s cellphone!

Gaki-Kame (Kamei)

GakiKorea (Beyonce style)

Koharu voice-overs

Evening Gown costumes

There are Summer Polkadot Dress pictures for this episode:


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