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Haromoni@Review and Preview

Haromoni@ Moutube pt.21

Wow I can’t believe we’re onto part 21, this time I’m actually okay with it, because this episode was actually decent. So this weeks theme is
(シンデレラ) or Cinderella, of course to promote the upcoming Cinderella the Musical…musical.

I’ve got to say everyone looks quite stunning in their dresses.

But lets start off today shall we, so what have Sayu and Reina been up to…?

1/7: You know a yankee and a bunny never make a good combination…

I hope it’s okay that this reminds me of Team Rocket.

Anyway–it looks like they’ve been stalking another seemingly random person except this time they’re after her phone! (Keitai Spies)

And the person is none other than this week’s special guest Haruna Ai. In a different room, they’re watching her actions as she gets ready to get into an elevator.

Sayu: “Lets do it!”

So now they’re hiding around a corner, from an unsuspecting Haruna who’s stepping out of an elevator.

They ask if they can see her phone, to which she agrees, and as Sayu distracts her with a question Reina fiercely grabs her phone. Whoop, Keitai GET!

Well the first order of business is to observe the outside, aka the trinkets on her phone. Looks like she has some skulls and handcuffs…

Haruna is explaining why she has the trinkets when Reina points the other way and tells her to look, and she takes back the phone so that they can examine it further.

Next order of business.

They have to hand her her phone first so that she can open it, but ah~~ she’s receiving a call! And her ringtone is none other than Yeah! Meccha Holiday by Aya Matsuura.

And apparently every time her ringer comes on she just has to dance to it…

She actually isn’t half bad…

But the fact that her ringer stops actually surprises her…haha

Haruna:“Ahh!? Chotto?!”

As she professes her love for Ayaya her ringer goes off again and she stops talking and starts dancing immediately…(seriously), that is until Reina turns it off and declares that it’s mail CHECK time!

The look on Sayu’s face as she fends Haruna off with a clipboard lets you know that she’s well aware that her ass could be beaten any second now.

Of course it doesn’t stop there, they have to go through everything in her phone including photos. Aw…



They also notice that when they were spying on her she was fixing herself every moment she got. Apparently looking good is everything to Haruna and she’d even go as far as using the bottom of the table to see her reflection.

If that’s true then why does she have this completely odd picture on her phone…

But then, Aww…there are pictures like this one that make up for everything.

Reina swipes her phone once again…and they both ask her if she’d do an Ayaya impersonation for them.

A better description would be a lipsync of an MC segment maybe…it’s actually quite creepy how well she can do it, but what the hell, everybody’s good at something.

She even takes off the shoes, and when someone in the crowd shouts “Ayaya I love you!” She responds immediately like she really is her.

Reina and Sayu are totally blown away by her 100% accuracy as she keeps going with her “impersonation”….

It ends and the members give some small “that was amazing’s”.

So in conclusion, never trust the two of them together when they’re loose in TvTokyo…hide your children, (and yes I’m running out of meaningful things to say.)

2/7: So with that onto the next video via Gaki request. (and after some massive confusion caused by JunJun, notice how Aika’s the only one to understand her right away.)

Cabbage-Kun and Ai-chan are coming back with the corner where they prank Musume’s, with last times victim being LinLin, but now that they’ve got one Panda they need to get the other.

The staff lead an unsuspecting Jun into a room with a bunch of really expensive items, and essentially they leave her there.

So essentially there’s going to be someone under the table that will move it so that the “expensive” brown bowl falls on the ground and breaks.

Before they leave they mention to her that the brown bowl at the corner of the table is especially expensive (so she knows if she touches it she’s in trouble), then they leave the room.

All of a sudden as she’s reading the names of things, the brown bowl falls and smashes on the ground.

Jun’s only terrified for a second before Ai happily busts into the room to tell her whats up.

Then the camera crew busts out from behind the wall to tell her whats up.

And even the guy who was hiding under the table…busts out to tell her whats up. (…creepy)

3/7: And thats the end of that…next is some GakiKorea, and this time she’s impersonating Beyonce specifically from a Dreamgirls song. I love that movie though, but there really isn’t much to say other than it’s amusing to see Gaki try to lipsync something in English.

Even gesturing to the sides of her like the other two Dreamgirls are really there…hey, she’s gotta sell it.

4/7:Next is some Koharu voice-overs from an old MC with Kamei and Mako-chan.

And this time everyone actually laughed at it…

5/7: OK moving onwards, its GAKIKAME. So we join Kamei at school as shes finishing a bottle of ‘juice’.

And she tosses it behind her head to the recycle recpitcale and woop, how many times will it take her? 100BIG less than is SMALL.

And yes she completed it pretty fast at Take 60.

So someone from BIG will be punished later–ahem (Takahashi)

6/7:Next we move onto some footage that we weren’t allowed to see before, from Ayaya’s birthday concert.

And guess who shows up to surprise her…


She’s even around for face smashing fun..

7/7:Now that that’s over (finally) Batsu game Ai-chan!! For all the crud you do to everyone else!

HM@Boss of the Week: Goes to Takahashi Ai for being Takahashi-ish. She pranked JunJun and had probably the best Batsu game results I’ve seen thus far. Thanks for making this episode bearable.

What in the hell happened to me…day one I was completely ready to do this, day two I thought I was pretty motivated to get this done, and then day three I found out what it’s like to be possesed with pure hatred. It was like all of a sudden I had this deep loathing for HM@ when I tried to finish this review, it was like everything around me was telling me to just screw it and do it some other time, but then of course my little shoulder angel reminded me that there are some people who read this pretty religiously, so I can’t let you down I suppose. Still, I’m pretty surprised at my subconscious reactions to this…!

Anyway, sorry for my less than enthusiastic comments at times. Some of it you’d truly have to watch to understand.


-Tanakacchi memorization

-The best-best friend couple Kamei and Shige do a street quiz on the street with a camera


-Poloshirts and Lacrosse sticks

-Someone acting very un-idol-like

(Shige, of course)

There are Cinderella/SNS pictures for this episode:


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