Posted by: sauder | July 16, 2008

Haromoni@Review and Preview

Bah looks like I skipped another review last week, but the episode was quite boring so it’s not like you missed much…besides I’ve been on vacation for a week and snagged myself a Wii (finally) so I’ve been a bit distracted.

Anyways we’ve got a special start for this weeks episode, with Koharu preforming Pa-pancake, her newest single. So I’m warning you now, if you’re using a laptop you might want to make sure your speakers can handle it (not to be mean, but something about the song tore mine up).

So anyway, today’s theme is Hawaiian, probably because of the fan tour. Pffft before we move on…how could anyone forget it’s a certain bunnies birthday, ahhh! Happy 19th Birthday Sayu!!!

1/5:The first video in the lineup is of course another GAKIKAME quiz. So Kame is at a…______(blank) and the man is going over to kneel in a different room to talk to the audience that’s come to visit

But there’s no cushion there

So Kamei has to grab one and perfectly slide it across the floor so that when he kneels it appears on time.

Greater than 100 is BIG smaller then 100 is…SMALL.

So the first time she completely misses.

Same with the next times…as she tries to figure out how much to turn her arms so that when it slides it can spin into the spot.

She finally gets it on Take 54, and after a ton of instant replays, we see her corner kid come back.

Looks like there’s a punishment game for you Koharu—muahahha!

2/5: Oh…I guess you could do it right now. So instead of giving her a slo-mo scare, this time the staff forces her to make an Einstein face. (lol you can hear Reina in the background making fun of her pronunciation).

Wait for it…


And everybody pauses…like they don’t know whether to laugh or not, but they end up giving her the okay. That actually looked pretty embarassing for Koharu (lol)

3/5: Ah who’s that cutie? Right it’s Aika back with her Sushi making corner!

So as usual she goes through ingredients and instructions, rolling each piece one by one, until she’s finished and asks the Musume’s what they think the picture of the Sushi will be when it’s cut in half.

Reina’s over there with her head tilted, Koharu’s shooting her a death glare, and Sayu creates the most ear-drum piercing scream I’ve heard from her in awhile, haha, because she thinks she knows the answer. (as everyone gives her a what-the-hell-happened-to-you look).

Sayu shows her board, JunJun over there thinks it’ll be a family when its cut in half (okay…) Aka-chin is pissing his pants at Jun’s idea, it’s random amounts of mass chaos today…

So Aika’s corner continues as she reveals what the sushi picture really was.

Holy hell, this time Ashe’s has outdone herself. That technicality of that fish is semi-crazy.

4/5: Yeah I thought I was the only one wondering where Risa was…So looks like she’s been memorizing “20 Convenience store Ice cream flavors” (hey Perfume, it’s Pino!)

Well taking a look at the computer screen, looks like she had to open a crudload of movie windows to memorize it…that sucks.

Everybody gets to eat ice cream if you passsss Rissaaa. If not they’ll probably eat you instead…

And of course knowing Miss Responsible, she gets the job done so everyone can get ice cream.

And Reina’s doing some weird head bob with a pile of HäagenDazs ice cream in front of her.

Kamei is eating her MOW Melon ice cream and gets the usual reaction whenever she says something…

Kamei: “It’s Melon (flavored)!”

Akachin: “Aho!”

5/5:Moving the final video, Koharu’s voice over from Rika’s 2005 Graduation concert when Reina was spilling tears pretty hard.

But totally destroying that touching moment, Koharu is going to show us how it’s done.

The Concert of Tears:

Reina: “Um…Ishikawa, there’s something on my mind.”


Reina: “The hair in my nose…” (tears)

Ishikawa: “Let’s have a look see.”

Reina : “No! Please stop Ishikawa!”

Ishikawa: “It’s embarrasing then…” (random shift in content)

Reina: “Ready to launch?”

(launching noises)

Reina: “Oh, it came out…”

Yeah more or less, that was weird…but everyone seemed to like it except Sayu who found Koharu’s face in the shot annoying.


Vacation Clothes



Chinese Corner


TsuboTsuboMan (Koharu target-tation)

There are Hawaiian/SNS pictures for this episode:


  1. Where do you get those sns pics?

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