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Haromoni@Review and Preview

Well yeah I skipped the last two months, blah blah blah. I’m so sick of feeling guilty when I don’t do these…once again, but I have school now and an unbelievable amount of homework to do. Not to mention my level of efficiency is basically -1% (it taking me around 3-4hrs to hand insert 130+ caps)….yeahhhhh. So I think just for the sake of HM@ ending, me having a bunch of backdrafts, and having something to do during ungodly hours on a Sunday, I’ll give it my best shot. (lol)

Well moving on since we’re moving full circle back to the old HM@ days, the girls are all wearing their old costumes.

Sayu says her weekly comment and gets a teeny shove from Kamei.

1/5: Anyways, we move onto a bar scene, which is already a red flag….(lol)

This really reminds me of a talk my friend and I had about Kamei secretly being a “lady of the night”, doing petty crimes and stealing people’s Berryz CD’s. Along with the Pepper Keibu PV, our suspicions have now been confirmed.

So Kamei’s sitting down with a dart in front of her (go figure) and all of a sudden she wants to throw it behind her and have it hit the dartboard. Which gets a really harominzed “Ehhhhh!” from the girls.

And of course there’s no way she’s ever going to get a break and have just hitting the dartboard be enough, no, the staff wants her to get a bullseye. I’d be so out of there, omg. People can barely do that standing right in front of it. Poor PPP, I wish her a lot of luck on this one.

As usual the BIG/SMALL screen appears.

And of course, she’s failing horribly already, hitting the ground, the wall behind her, and the back wall by the dartboard.

On the 50th try she actually hits the dartboard (shock!).

Nothing happens again till time 100 when Kamei literally almost gets a bullseye, which is utterly amazing.

And what the hell, time 121 Kamei nails it right in the middle of the dartboard. She’s so happy that she starts gurgling at the end of her excited talking. Afterwards she talks about how tough it was to throw since the dart was heavy and etc.

2/5: Princess WaiWai is back, maybe for the last time, and she’s got HoiHoi twoddling along with her.

So she’s got three members faces hanging from a string tied to a stick (for whatever reason).

The first question:

Sayu: “Out of all of the Morning Musume members, which one is the cutest?”

And somehow the string with her face starts winding upwards, but the faces of the other members don’t. (or something)

I think the next question has something to do with “who doesn’t listen”, but all i know is it’s Reina and she’s not taking that decision quietly.

The next one has something to do about work, and Eri’s face starts wiggling, of which she replies something of the sort about barely arriving on time for work (i think), but she says it so quickly that it sounds borederline jibberish.

Sayu does her Y pose, which is starting to wane a little bit in my opinion (lol). Eri doesn’t hesistate to say “Look at the old man!”

Sayu begins explaining something about Handpower to Reina, when she starts calling her self Sayumi instead of WaiWai (lol).

Its Ai-chans turn, and might I add it’s weird seeing a (22) after her name now–Happy Birthday!.

3/5: So it’s Cabbage-kun being her teacher, as she’s suddenly a black-haired student. A glimpse into the life of Ai if she never became a singer, lol.

So it looks like devious little Cabbage is going to play pranks on everyone and see what their reactions are, and Ai-chan will try to predict them.

Apparently, as Sayu’s playing the little Pirate Barrel game, a real pirate is going to pop out of a barrel and scare her. (lmao, this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, and they look so serious about it).

So Sayu’s in the room looking around, and once she puts in the knife the guy pops out, and she yelps and runs away in her little sneakers.

Then she just looks around saying “Nani” and staring at the guy in the barrel from afar, waiting for him to potentially kill her…

I’ve got to admit her fear is cute (and the members squeaking “kawaii!”)…

(the exact same position as before)

…but then she breaks the silence by awkwardly asking his name and introduces herself lol.

So now Ai-chan has a Batsu game (don’t even ask me) and she has to do an imitation of Sayu that reminds me a lot of her old Takahashi days but of course afterwards she’s embarrased and gives a little squak reply.

Victim number two is Reina, and the same thing is happening except she’s in an office and he pops through a table.

So Reina’s sitting down at the table talking to the staff guy, and as she’s talking to him she spots the hidden camera! (lol finally!) She is damn good at spotting someone spying on her, but the staff tell her its nothing and force her to play the Barell Game.

It’s almost frightening how intensely she glares…

LOL! I don’t care if there are 4 instant replays, that was funny every single time. Reina hops up squealing and almost books it out the room, but she stops at the door. She then asks him who he is, and what the hell his name is and gives him a “nice to meet you”. God, they’re all so polite, I would’ve been so pissed.

But Ai is (lol!) since apparently she got it wrong, she throws down her paper sign on the ground in a slight fury because now she has to do an imitation of Reina. Of which, again she fails at.

Ai-chan: (pretending to be Reina–beeing shocked at herself) Ai-channn!!!

It’s actually a good impression but it’s still ridiculous and everyone is cracking up at it, including Reina.

4/5: Unfortunately that’s the end of that, and onto Aho’s!

And they’re running around T.V. Tokyo (much to some staff member’s dismay).

Well they aren’t actually inside as yet, but they’re lingering about outside swatting bugs and pointing at signs that say DIGITAL.

As they go in, they almost run into the automatic doors and squeal about it, then they go in the elevator and get out on one of the floors and see their pictures pasted on the wall. (Cinderella the Musical, Bow 30 Degrees, Photocards, etc.)

So they open the closet, and find Akachin in a plastic bag (lolololol) along with Koharu’s Hayakusumi costume and some shoes with Risa’s name on them.

After they giggle about that they head to what seems like a security guy’s office, and look at his cheesey “I’m gonna kick your ass” picture with a gun in the background. So at that second the guy appears and invites them into his office and they surprise him with their aho-ness.

(a promotion for a TV Tokyo movie)

5/5: The final video is Koharu’s Voiceover segment, and she’s chosen Ai-chan from her Alo Hello (I want to say that’s what it is) when she was rollerblading.

I laughed right away. Koharu’s voice goes up, down, left, right, through a hole, and down a chute in terms of pitch, I think she might be making fun of Ai-chans dialect, I’m not sure, but you can tell it’s not really okay with Ai (lol).

I really have no comments about this episode except it was funny. I love seeing “scared” reactions, and this time Koharu’s voice over was really good and odd, aho’s were super aho, and The Lady of the Night owned the dartboard. This is definitely an episode im tucking away onto my HM@ folder to watch at some later date. The only thing I’m kinda sad about, is that the show is starting to get funnier just as its beginning to end. Not to mention Yorosen! is going to squeeze 30 or so girls into a 7 minute show, I’m curious how they’re going to handle that, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. The worst thing that could happen is that the ratings still go down, but I believe in the show (for now) and the girls, and the effort they’ll put in.

Oh–I think Ai-chan is this week’s boss. 🙂 (aka watch out for her consistent hilarity)


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  2. C’est vraiment trop marrant leurs vidéos.
    J’adore Takahashi-san elle me fais trop rire.
    Vive morning musume……………..

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