Posted by: sauder | September 23, 2008

Haromoni@ Review and Preview

So this week is going to be a bit different, seeing as my computer more or less tried to commit suicide this morning. So unfortunately all I can do is provide a brief summary and a cap gallery.

So the first video (which might I add was hilarious) was from way back when the King segment was still on. Sayu tries to climb the wall only to find herself hanging by hand and foot before she falls off. She doesnt get very far with each try.

The next video is some looking backs of the adventures of Aho-Kame, looking back to all the silly things she’s said, including her Kamei-Clock.

The third video looks back to the 2007/10/28 episode when Reina displayed her horrible typing skills and just outright gave up in the end and pressed the question mark button like a trillion times.

The fourth video is dedicated 100% to Ai’s manly screams (yes!). Most of them refer back to times when she ate or smelled something super hot. The last clip though, is the one that I always show my friends who could care less about Japan, and they end up laughing hysterically everytime. The haunted house Ai-chan clip, where she belts out scream after scream. (I wish I could hear it…dumb computer.)

The fifth is one of JunJun’s “hey guys, guess what I’m doing” videos.

The sixth segment is Non Stop-Mitsui (original air date 2008/2/17) when she blew up a rubber surgical glove and it poofed off of her face.

The seventh clip is from Alien Catcher chibikko King segment where Reina had to catch a Stitch doll in order for them to win. This is the same video where she cries afterwards from sheer happiness. (original air date 2007/9/30).

The eighth clip shows some of the Mitsui vs JunJun rivalry, Koharu KY, and LinLin KY.

The next is compiled clips of all GakiKame completions (pure gold).

The final is a showing of the Pepper Keibu PV, for the first time they don’t preform it live…

(and congrats to Ai for that QED role)


Final Episode!!! =[

All Members tricks (GakiKame style)


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