Posted by: sauder | October 8, 2008

Yorosen Review and Preview (Week 1)

Yorosen 1

I should just start out every post with Blah Blah Blah sorry about not doing the last review, blah blah I was busy, rant rant Momusu is amazing. But truth be told, im not that sorry, that I haven’t posted the last episode yet, but don’t you worry, I will eventually post it for those of you who are video deprived. So~if you haven’t noticed the titles from now are going to be Yorosen Review and Preview since, dur, HM@ has ended. I’ll just keep editing so that each post is a batch of five episodes (hopefully this’ll work).

Before I even move on to the actual content of the show. I’ve got to say, I squealed. Every memory of every video that I watched before I got into the current lineup/shows came flooding back. Before the show starts, when they do the little sponsor overlay and the guy talks about all the cool companies. I dunno, I just always loved that part of the show for some reason, its nostalgic. The pre-meaningless talk between all of them before they start…

In other news–LOL “I am cool teacher.”

There isn’t even capitalization of each letter…*sigh* moving on…

A heel to head shot of the “cool teacher” sexy Reina.

She basically makes them pay attention and compose themselves. Sayu does conducts a little respectful opening ceremony of attention/bow.

Reina writes a few terms up on the board that has to do with the Japanese Prime Minister and his 2071000yen pay, him riding a special train for rich people blah blah, and surprisingly their all taking notes. Especially leader-sama…deliquient Koha is mouthing off back there too.

Reina shows an airplane, and after a few “Ehhhhh!!!”‘s….the show is surprisingly over. (with some ManoEri at the end). The real festivities start tommorow!

My Take: Yorosen was surprisingly ________ (insert word). My first thought would be boring, dull, or plain, but honestly how can you make a decent prediction of the entire show if it only lasts 4mintues or so? I think it’ll take awhile before the YorosenTrain starts to pick up speed, it just needs some time. Other than that…meh their outfits were cute.


Yorosen 2

More of the same thing, really. Reina is back, still teaching them about government things, im assuming.

Sayu knows the number of people in something.

More subsections of groups of sections of something….

Koharu then knows the name of someone, which induces a big “Sugoi!”

If they answer something right they get PuPu ice cream…

Reina gets to taste test of course.

Kamei knows an answer…so I think she gets a PuPu but by this point this show is so over my head…

The show ends with some PK and ManoEri

So the moral of this story kids, is: If you don’t understand Japanese, this might not make sense. (lol). We’ve moved on from the era of HM@ where things were a bit self explanatory, to a show where there’s more talking happening than anything, so I apologize in advance if my summarization skills aren’t up to the usual standard.


  1. Sa serait trop le kiff que d’avoir une sensei comme Reina ^^.

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