Posted by: sauder | October 28, 2008

Yorosen Review and Preview Week 3

All I’m going to say is shut up about this past week and a half =]

I was having a pretty bad day until I found out who this week’s teacher is. None other than Kamei looking stunning as usual.

She tries to get them to settle down which eventually happens, followed by some hair primping from Risa.

Some massive full body writing from Kamei

Some talk about Tuna types (Northern Bluefin)….

Some quick comments from Ai-chan who cant keep her pencil on her desk (haha Koharu).

Some peel off the stickies to reveal numbers…

Some more blatantly bored looks from Koharu….(lol)

Some frantic acts on Eri’s part to keep their attention…

And her semi-serious annoyance….(they really need to learn to listen, haha)

And then the show’s over. =]

My favorite part of today has to be the end. I normally don’t watch it, but upon closer look, i saw Koharu in the background trying to just wave (way more than 1 time) at the camera while Kamei was up in the front of the classroom trying not to laugh. It wasn’t terribly funny but…compared to the entire show…

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