Posted by: sauder | November 26, 2008

A Change is a Commin’……Kind of

Well I think you’ve noticed some changes around here, that is unless your legally blind, I dunno. Some of them have happened already and some other things will be changing as the days go on. To make it easier for you, I’ll bullet the list.


–The Blogroll has been deleted and a Links page has been added. (it’s frickin huge, complete with disclaimers)

–The Bigaku!Palace design is basically in a temporary 1.5v mode because I’m busy working on a new one. (I didn’t really pick this one for a reason, just to switch something up around here.)

To Come–

–Freelance Translation page…believe me it’s definitely in the works…

–RSS Feed to wherever

–Drafts will be edited and posted.

Well, that list turned out way dumber and shorter than I thought it would. In the To Come section I only listed the things that will for sure come and left out the sections that are dependent on how well I can update this design. The new sections would include a Korean section and things like that, but I’m really struggling with this updating business (and if you feel like helping, please let me know!). Well, hopefully the updates will come soon.

Which reminds me!!! This silly show Yorosen!


Will only be reviewed when MM is on unless I’m in a particularly good mood. This isn’t because I have any discrimination towards the Berryz/Cute/or ManoEri, it’s just that I don’t know their names or much of anything about them. Not to mention that the uploader i’ve been relying on is becomming…not so consistent with his or her uploads. I’m sorry for those of you who look forward to it, but Morningtime also reviews the show. (and somehow has the same design as me, hehe)


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