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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ Moutube pt. 20

Wow where the hell have I been? I’m sorry, it’s been what three weeks or so? I missed TsuboTsubo, High King, and more memory battles!? Well school is finally over, finals, goodbyes, and what not so I’m finally free. It feels really great to be back here and actually post something that (although very tedious) I like to do, so for once instead of writing in the dead of night. I made myself a stack of Pa-Pancakes, some fresh orange juice, and I’m going to sit down and enjoy writing this review:)

So this weeks theme is Summer Polkadot Dresses, and everyone is looking quite cute in their bright colors.

Sayu gets a little bit sexy during her introduction which generates a hot and bothered reaction from the rest of the girls.

Well lets move onto today’s Moutube lineup! Sayu decides that we should start off with some GAKIKAME. Sounds good to me.

1/5:So we arrive at a dreary school setting where the teacher is giving a lecture and everybody is bored as hell.

Including the class celebrity, Niigaki. That is until she notices something that catches her eye…

Of course she has to tell her friend behind her.

“Pssst the teachers fly is open!”

And yes the girl can’t hear worth crud, (blinking quickly doesn’t mean you’ll magically hear her) so Gaki needs a plan B..

So instead of asking someone to pass on the note, like a normal person, she makes a silly looking airplane with a message scribbled on it and tries to make it arc around the room to her buddy.

Since this is a quiz, of course they need to guess how many times it’ll take. Lower than 99 SMALL, high than 100 BIG.

Kamei: “I voted BIG because Gaki has no sense of direction.”

Gaki: “Since when!!!???”

I’ve gotta agree with Kamei here, Gaki’s immediately failing at this right now… when she releases it keeps fluttering over to generally random places.

Take 46: She completely almost takes out the eye of some guy minding his own business in his desk.

Take 47: Then the very next take she hits the teacher in the head…

I’m not gonna lie…maybe they should have made a more legit airplane or something, because this is taking forever. As she gets better at arcing, she almost makes it to her friend quite a few times.

Take 96: Ah! The golden Take 96 she lets the plane arc around the room until it nails the girl in the chest. Atta kid! (the plane is hard to see but if you squint by where the map is on the wall in the background, you can see the white blur at the end of it)

You can see her give a small triumphant smile (despite pixelation). She’s so pleased with herself right now.

Because LinLin went BIG, shes going to have a punishment game later, I wonder what it could be…

2/5 :Oh my good lord. JunJun/LinLin speaking Chinese is the most win thing since $6 Little Caesars pizza–so damn cute! It’s got to be the first time I’ve heard them talk fluently, but more importantly they’re expressing their love of Takoyaki!

JunJun reveals some Black Takoyaki…

LinLin reveals her Red Takoyaki…

And the girls have to guess which one is real the Takoyaki and which is fake.

Jun’s is good, Lin’s isn’t and the black Takoyaki’ists win and get to eat it as a prize. They then show how Black Takoyaki is made by mixing that powder in with a mixture to turn it black (basically blueish) and then cook it.

As usual the rest (Mitsui and Kamei) look on in complete hunger, while JunJun and LinLin don’t even get to eat any either.

3/5:Well lets move on from that. As a matter of fact, where’s Ai-chan?

That’s right… while using an HM@ Laptop “Ai-chan’s been studyin’ hard to make sure she doesn’t forget all 20 tasty prefecture Bento Boxes!”. Did I mention that everyone gets Bento as a prize if she does it?

Somehow the camera catches a series of weird looks from Ai-chan…

She blazing through her Bento so far…

And now it’s the last one and if she gets it right, everybody gets a Bento. No pressure leader.

Of course, she aces it and everyone gets a Bento.

Kamei’s reaction to her leafy one is cute here also.

They call jointedly give Ai-chan a hearty thanks, since they now can fill their bellies with fish eggs and what not…

Everyone: “Arigatou Gozaimas~~~u!’

Takahashi: “I’m just glad I got them right.” and somehow all the staff laugh at this…

Oh but the fun doesn’t end. We forgot to punish LinLin didn’t we…?

4/5: Which leads us to more slo-mo screaming.

5/5:Next they show the completed GAKIKAME which is the same thing except duh, no NG’s and Gaki does an A-to.

HM@ Boss of the Week: This weeks HM@ Boss award definitely has to go to Takahashi Ai. Even though Niigaki went through 96 takes of horror, Takahashi earned food for her Kouhai by her divine powers of memorization. What’s better than winning something for everyone to share? Congratulations for making this episode fun (for the girls).

Ah, seriously, I’ve been gone too long! I really don’t have much to say about this episode except GAKIKAME could have potentially taken forever, it was surprising to hear the Panda’s not stutter since they were speaking Chinese, and the drooling looks in the minibox while Takoyaki was being explained was priceless. It was like going back to Magic Resturaunt days, except with even more seafood (which I HATE). Other than that the episode was fairly normal, but next week’s should be even more interesting. Haruna Ai is a trans gender TV personality, lol. It seems like she does a lot of idol impersonations, including Ayaya, so this should be quite an…amusing episode next time, especially with some very extravagant looking Evening Gowns. I’m sure everyone will look very pretty.


Reina and Sayu examine special guest Haruna Ai’s cellphone!

Gaki-Kame (Kamei)

GakiKorea (Beyonce style)

Koharu voice-overs

Evening Gown costumes

There are Summer Polkadot Dress pictures for this episode:

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The S Word–Scandal! (Rant Version)

The title is nuff said. I’m definitely going to have to become more lax about this place because I’m always so careful about what I say and post.

Not today.

First of all, let it be known that my reaction to Miyabi isn’t even intentional (being as I don’t feel like overreacting), she’s the one who just threw fuel on the fire for me to put my two cents in. I couldn’t even wait until tommorow to write this because it’s just something that’s irked me about all H!P scandals and the way I react and feel about them. Well since the latest victim has been Miyabi, I’ll take a look at her.

First of all, I don’t know about Buono other than apparently they were selling a lot of units, and I also know zero about Berryz because to me they’re way past radar in terms of many different things. Anyway lets rewind a few hours.

So I’m working on a music video for our high school multimedia class after school, and it’s just me and two of my best friends. I’m bored and I’m waiting for them to finish up so I check H!O, expecting A cute and funny Pocket Morning and I get this! I’ve got to say I had a mini-freak out in my mind thinking that it was someone from C-ute, because I’m actually starting to get into them. When I found out she was from Berryz though, the seriousness of it dropped so far that I actually started laughing and saying ,”She’s so fucked!”. My friends come over to see, and they start laughing too, because it’s not like there’s one cruddy pixelated picture, it’s like a fricking photo album complete with videotaped action. How the hell do you talk your way out of that one when your sitting in front of Tsunku/UFA/ and your parents…ouch.

So as we were walking home, I suddenly remembered that audio rip with Miki/Yossie/and to some extent Ai-chan talking about Miya and her virginity. I got floored with laughter again and thought about how they said that “She gives the impression that she’s experienced it already.”– it kind of passed over to her relations with that kid didn’t it? So to me, it kind of matches up, except the whole sexually active part. I thought it was weird in the first place that I even remembered that it was Miyabi they were talking about, but anyways… no matter what happens she’s still gonna have a lot of crud to deal with.

Which leads me to being a male deprived female working in the entertainment industry. It would suck shit. But here’s the critical thing we all have to remember. I should put fireworks and glitter around this next part since this is the basis of my own thinking.

Critical Point: Even though they’re teenagers (like me), and want to explore relationships. They signed a contract. Regardless of if it’s specifically stated in their contract or not, they know it’s against the rules to be frolicking around with any boy. It doesn’t only effect how her fans think about her as an idol, it also effects how her family thinks about her, not to mention her crestfallen bandmates, and the rest of H!P. It’s all about the obligation.

There are so many parties and things involved in something like this. Just think about it for a sec. Your parents are disappointed in you, your extended family who brags about you is disappointed in you, your bandmates who try to be positive can’t help but resent you, your H!P Senpai will stare at you when you walk by now, your manager won’t trust you to be cautious again, Tsunku, your fricking musical genius idol thinks poorer of you after seeing the pictures and video. Everyone is just getting so down at you, and you must feel like a 100% asshole because of all the people you hurt. I know I would.

Now this is all if you’re guilty, and you know you’re screwed.

I don’t see much of Miya, but in my opinion it looks to be her in the pic/video for the most part. Also, from the previous audio mic rip, I feel like she’s had a history with boys. Not like she was promiscious but she’s had her fair share of boy encounters. So like I said before, if its her, which I think it is, then “Shes fucked” and she can’t even get out of it, unless UFA really feels like saving her (for Buono’s sake).

I only say that because I remember seeing the pictures from the “Reina scandal” from God knows when, and I don’t remember the specifics of the story, other than she almost left (or something). If it was her, she definitely got saved. I really believe if there’s enough question-mark space in whether it’s really the member in question or not, UFA saves them from the hot flames of immediate unemployment. It makes sense though, you can speculate forever but fans never really know, unless there’s hi-res full frontal shots. So there’s always the chance it’s not her, which it very well might not be. But all I know is regardless, she’s probably getting a talking to right now by someone somewhere.

Which reminds me before I end. They were hanging out in the subway, the fricking subway. People go in and out, to and fro in that germ pool and I bet you can certainly catch a glimpse of celebrities from time to time(hey–MM still have Suica). Aside from that, a hat only covers so much of your face, especially when your in a secluded corner playing around with your guy. Not only does that draw attention to your presence, but if looked at at the right angle seeing faces wouldn’t be too difficult.

It might be the super-ironic-yet-not fact that there was someone who passed by who happened to know who she was that made the whole scandal start, since obviously if you were just assumed to be regular teenagers they would have been left alone. I’m not sure how to say this but; if you want to have relations with a boy, and its forbidden, don’t go out in public. I mean, sure you can maybe get away with going to some obscure store on the outskirts of Tokyo, but come on. If you seriously care, you should be responsible enough to know that there are people who’s job it is to follow you around and take pictures, and people who are just plain creepy and follow you around anyway.

Lock you and your lover the fuck down and just enjoy a quiet movie at home.

Go to his place, invite him over, meet at a mutual good friends house, but never go outside, unless you know nobody will know who you are. Even though this would take a toll on the relationship, being indoors all the time, it’s your safest bet. You’re not supposed to be doing it anyway–so don’t expect it to have all the freedom that a normal undercover idol relationship has. As a matter of fact, I’d say, only if you really liked this fellow, perhaps love even, should you take him outside the home regularly.

Do your hair differently, wear a hat, wear sunglasses, wear a piece of clothing that’s non-recognizable! Something! So all in all, none of that was specifically referring to Miya, except some parts, and neither was I scolding her in an abstract way. If your gonna do it to it, be careful about it, or it’ll cost you a lifestyle and probably a reputation too.

But if you know you didn’t do it, stand by it.

Honestly being honest, I don’t know how much I would care if she left, since I don’t focus on her anyway, but it’d still be sad to see her go. Anyways like I said earlier I definitely need to become a little more lax about this place. Not this lax (5 minutes of thinking put into text), since this is going in my newly created “Rant Section”, but just more relaxed than it has been. Ahh–and for those of you that have been freaking out about HM@, i’ll get it up sometime this week, since yesterday was my 16th Birthday. =]

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On the Radar–SHINee

The New Kids on the Block–SHINee

So there’s a new all boy group joining SM Entertainment, the agency responsible for creating some pretty popular K-Pop bands such as TVXQ (DBSK), Super Junior, and Girls Generation (SNSD). The new group SHINee is composed of five strapping young lads shown below. As said by SM Entertainment, SHINee is supposed to be the new rolemodels of today’s generation, in terms of contemporary music fashion and dance, as well as shooting for a variety of singing genres.

Onew (18 ) Group Leader/Sub Vocalist

Jonghyun (17) Lead Vocalist

Minho (16) Rap/Sub Vocalist

Key (16) Rap/Sub Vocalist

Taemin (14) Lead Dancer/Sub Vocalist

Suprisingly, I have very little to say about the boys themselves, and more about their latest single Replay that released on their mini-album on May 23rd, (and their Debut Television performance May 25th.)

SHINeeReplay(Live) on SBS’s Inkigayo


The Look: The first thing my Korean friend said when before he showed me the video was “They’re a little fruity.” I’ve got to admit he’s a little right…in this video there was a little bit too much smiling and oh-girl-I-love-you-from-the-bottom-of-my-heart~~~looks, but it does have a more R/B feel so thats to be expected isn’t it? I think if they got better haircuts and came off a bit harder, they could change that easily. Apart from that their outfits that are supposed to be bringing in a newer type of style to Korea, were a little shocking to me.

Such tight pants…

And in such bright colors…

I suppose that they could potentially pull off creating their own style if there’s a big enough reaction to it, but skinny jeans and forces have always looked odd to me, especially on slender men.

The Sound/Music: All in all they don’t sound too bad. The lead vocalist Jonghyun’s voice was easily the strongest to me, as it should have been. (I’m gonna call this, he’s ultimate fangirl material.) It has a deep rusty feel, I like it, especially since he comes off as a badass anyway. The actual song Replay sounds refreshing with some loud and quiet beats mixed in to make it semi-interesting. To tell you the truth after I watched the video for the first time, I forgot about the whole song until the next day I found myself saying “Replay, Replay, Replay.” It might just be “one of those songs” that clamps itself onto your head until you have listen to it again before you drive yourself crazy.

The Dancing: I’ve got to say was pretty spot on. The moves however, were a little iffy at times, especially when mixed in with some cheesy looking smiles, but hey, they’re new– give them a break. The pants though! I can’t get off of this, the overly shiny pants made some things look weird, but in contrast to that their shoe shape made the moves seem tighter. Sometimes there was too much sliding, or jumping, that to my many thanks was interrupted by painfully simple storyline. Other than that I think the choreographer did a good job (if only they were more badass)…

Long story short–I hope these kids do well, especially when following in the glory that is the ever amazing DBSK/SNSD/Super Junior. Maybe you won’t like the song at first, but just give it a try. Who knows, maybe they’ll be bigger than any of us can imagine.

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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ Stupid Girl Test and Moutube Pt. 15/16

So I’m sorry I’ve been a few hours late these past few times, but graduation parties, Indiana Jones, and shopping…how could I possibly resist, but you don’t know what time it is? C’mon you know what you came here for some hot and steamy Haromoni@! So the theme from last time of

Yousei妖精 or Faeries still stands!

So lets start off with some Moutube shall we?

1/3: It’s GakiKame NG guessing time! So we see Kamei being late for school. (she’s always late for something isn’t she.)

She grabs her umbrella and runs outside but wait–it’s not raining!

Instead of going back inside like a normal person, she throws the umbrella over her head and into the umbrella holder.

Now here’s the catch, they show you the completed throw, but how many times did it take her before she got it?

So each member holds up a sign saying if they think it took below 49times or over 50. Takahashi and JunJun are the only ones who think it’s below 49, so everyone else thinks its over 50.

Take 3

Take 10: She barely misses the umbrella holder (the white umbrella nearest to the screen) and it’s not good enough–do it again!

Take 20

She barely misses again…poor thing.

Take 40/43

After many takes Kamei gets to Take 49 and misses, so Takahashi/JunJuns predictions are wrong.

Kamei: “God, please let this umbrella go in!”

So lets skip ahead a few close misses later.

Take 139…so Kamei is seriously getting irritated as hell while taking a new umbrella from the staff person…but she gets it (even though it banks off the wall)!

And after around 3 instant replays you know she’s legit.

Kamei: “I did it!!!!!!” and then she proceeds to jump around like the happy camper she now is.

It’s hard to catch but she slips an A~~to in there, but no Gaki, you can’t just call the segment ____Kame, haha.

So all the people who voted SMALL…yet you Aichan/JunJun, lets have you do be subjected to something unusual… Mmm….how about just you Panda.

2/3: So JunJun’s been put in a room with a high speed capture camera, and little does she know Cabbage-kun is right behind her and ready to pop a balloon in her face!

So we see the clip and normal speed, and see her be freaked out, and then the real fun begins. They SUPER SLOW down the clip to see milisecond by milisecond how she reacted to the balloon.

Idiot Girl Test; Moutube:

3/3: I found it funny that this was still a Moutube video…but anyway this time its your favorite kids from down the block, Kamei, JunJun, LinLin, Shige competing to not be the idiot girl.

Only five minutes study time–cram!

Please study instead of drawing Shige.

It’s decided that the order will go JunJun/Sayu/Eri/LinLin respectively.

The rules are the same as previous memory battles, you get it right you get a point and it moves onto the next person.

Round 1: Everyone gets everything right except Kamei lets go of her card like she literally touched fire, struggles and fails it. LinLin passes.

Round 2: Everyone passes, and then once again its Eri who fails once again, LinLin passes.

Round 3: Jun is struggling and says an answer, of which Kamei basically is jokingly like “Why would it be that word?” and it was that word, lol, please study harder before saying things like that Kamei. Sayu passes, Kamei struggles again and fails, LinLin passes.

Standings: Theres a three way tie between JunJun, Shige, LinLin with 3pts

Kamei Eri is in last place with 0pts

Round 4: Everyone passes. Even turtle girl…

Round 5: Everyone passes.

Round 6: Everyone passes (or do they?)

Standings: There is a tie between JunJun/Shige for 1st place with 6pts.

LinLin is in 2nd place with 5pts.

Kamei Eri is in last with 3 pts.

Still in Round 6 they show LinLin now with a pretty good reaction as she gets her card wrong, when she thought she got it right. Everyone collectively gives a “omg”.

Round 7: Jun is struggling a lot and you can see the tension rise as she struggles with her card and stands up to focus but still gets it wrong (absolute silence from everyone.) Shige gets hers wrong. Kamei is confident in hers and answers, the buzzer people make her sweat a little bit and press the correct ding late, so she passes. LinLin fails…

Standings: There’s still a tie between JunJun/Shige for 1st with 6pts.

LinLin is in 2nd with 5 pts

Kamei Eri is in last with 4pts.

Round 8: JunJun passes, Shige fails by saying “Pero”, Kamei fails, LinLin fails, to put it shortly.

Round 9: JunJun passes, Shige gets the same card as last round and tries “Peru” but is still wrong, Kamei gets the same card as the last round and her and Shige share a “What the hell we got the same exact card, we just happen to get screwed over so often, don’t we?”–moment. Long story short Kamei fails and so does LinLin.

Round 10: JunJun passes, Shige gets screwed over AGAIN with the same card for the third time, after much laughing from the peanut gallery, she’s tried Pero, and Peru…Peko can’t hurt–but it’s still wrong. Kamei gets screwed over AGAIN which causes another “Why do we get screwed over so much.” hug between Eri and Sayu and more peanut gallery laughing, essentially Kamei fails, It’s Lin’s turn to get screwed over, and fail.

Round 11: JunJun passes, Shige gets the same card for the fourth time and totally wants to get up and say “screw it”, but instead she guesses “Pete”, and fails. Kamei gets the same card that she’s been getting but she passes, Lin gets screwed over again and Jun gets the card right.

Standings: Sayu/Lin have 6 pts

Kamei Eri has 5 pts

With two cards left this is going to be a close battle!

Round 12: Shige passes, possibily sealing the deal, and now it’s just between Kamei and Lin Lin. Kamei guesses “Peru” which was already verified a wrong answer, and LinLin is jumping up and down like she’s going to pee herself. It was “Pere!” Kamei!

Results: Technically last is first, so Kamei Eri is our Stupid Girl!~~Congrats!

Kamei: “I shouldn’t tell this to Mom when I get home…”

HM@ Boss of the Week: I’m sorry, I don’t plan these things but once again its Kamei Eri, even though she’s the Stupid Girl of the week, she still put up with 139 takes of umbrella missing madness, and getting screwed over with the same trivia card. So with one of her more lovable HM@ performances, Kamei Eri is the Boss of the Week, Congratulations!

Well my own take of the episode is actually pretty favorable this time. GakiKame (or just Kame) was pretty interesting to watch, especially because it took 139 times, I can’t even handle rewriting the same sentence twice, let alone that. Way to keep a level head Kamei. As for JunJun I’m so glad that she got a punishment, because we need punishment games! The whole memory segment thing was pretty normal, until Shige/Kamei/ some LinLin started getting screwed over with the same card, it was funny to watch their reactions. Next week is going to be pure madness, I can tell you that now. Random Satoda Mai sightings, edgy outfits, sushi pictures, ahhh~~~!

I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, accept Kamei/Shige’s interactions were really cute/genuine, and somehow LinLin was just “there” at times.


-Punk Rocker outfits!

Satoda Mai vs. Morning Musume (Memory Battle Participation)

-We have some GakiKorea!

-Mitsui’s Sushi Kitchen!

-Memory Battle (Stupid Girl) Continuation

There are Yousei/SNS pictures for this episode:

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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@Memory Segment Finals/Moutube pt. 14.5

Hmmm it’s May isn’t it? It’s getting light and summery. Maybe that means new oppurtunities, chances, being outside. But I guess we can skip all that and watch Haromoni@ instead. You know you want to.

This weeks theme is Yousei妖精 or Fairies! Everybody is more or less wearing Easter-type colors.

Lets start the day off with Moutube shall we?

1/3 : Takahashi as TsuboTsubo Man! Today this lame pun filled character is going to lure an innocent Musume into her lair and subject her to some creative foot torture.

And who’s more random than “Kamei” the one who seems to always be picked for these kinds of things…poor girl probably thought she was just going to get cool food for being amazing on HM@. NOT. She tries to retreat back a little, but is pulled inside.

You can see the fear in Kamei’s eyes. The fear of being alone with an obvious PCP addict as she’s sat in Tsubo’s druggie recliner.

TsuboTsuboMan prods her with obnoxious cackling and puns until Kamei makes it clear she isn’t funny.

Now sitting in a chair Kamei is asked a question that has the answers A, B, C, or D. Little does she know, there are little stickers on her foot with those letters, so regardless of her answer–she’s in for some pain.

Its not like she can think properly with Aichan laughing in her face and telling more ridiculously bad jokes, but she guesses A.

It’s right then that she begins to catch on and sees a huge lady with small hands kneeling in the corner.

Kamei: “Scary, scary!”

Here comes the pain…and the immediate reaction is absolutely priceless.

Kamei:”IIIII~~TAIII! Itai itai itai -tai -tai!”

A gif would be more appropriate hmmm? (credit to e/e forums)

And of course they have to play it back a second time slow motion. So…there’s Tsubo laughing like an idiot while Kamei is still in mild pain and shock. They both wave goodbye.

Ai’s embarrassed by her video as always–like she should be! I’d smack her in the face if she acted that way all the time.

2/3: You know when Koha appears in regular clothes she’s doing something dastardly.

I know your trying to knock on the camera dear–but we can see you.

Anyways “Koha’s been fishin up Rokkies 2003 footage and dubbing it!”

First they watch the original footage of all of them looking into a camera. All of them laugh at how little and silly they looked. Especially Reina’s face at the end.

Let the dubbing begin! Koharu: Tako de~su!

She’s dangerous…but 9/9 Musume’s agree, she’s legit.

3/3: After that riveting dub, Princess Wai Wai! But wait Koharu is irritated because her own Super Hayakusumi corner ended. (notice her voice is like 20 decibels higher than it normally is) Sayu says that Princess Wai Wai is good, and Koharu replies with a not really.

Akachin asks her to repeat it (oh snap) and she repeats again that she doesn’t think Princess Wai Wai is good and that it’s unfair that that continues instead of Super Hayakusumi. Sayu says that it’s good that Koharu has a new corner, and Sayu herself doesn’t have one because “she isn’t Princess Wai Wai” (insert mysteriousness). Hilarity ensues.

So onto Wai Wai and her less than happy assistant Hoi Hoi. First there is food.

Shake Shake Shake

Then there is pepper~~! How in the world did she do that! (sarcasm)

Now there’s popcorn kernels.

That turn into popcorn after a bit of shaking.

And of course you’ve got to Y balance at the end….

As expected she only gets two stars for her cheesey magic trick. At least Ai felt sorry for her.

Morning Musume Memory Segment Finals:

It’s Mitsui vs. Takahashi. Who’s going to win the big shabang. They rewind back and look at all the failures of previous members.

They’ve been studying 50 Animals, hardcore. Ganbare.

So the rules are a little different this time, since there are only two people. If a person gets it right, they get a card and one point. If a person gets it wrong, then the card is given to the next person so that they can guess, but if both of them get a card wrong, its truncated and counted as a Draw. Thank god for this, or else it would take forever.

Aichan wins rock-paper-scissors for once
and will go first.

Card 50:

Aichan gets a card of a weird animal and fails. It’s turned over to Mitsui who knows the answer right away.

Card 49-44:

Are cleared easily by both of them.

Standings: Yet Aichan is losing.

Mitsui has 5pts.

Aichan has 3pts.

Only one person can win this shiz. Step it up Aichan.

Card 43: Aichan can’t get it right and is forced to give it up to Aika who gets it. Awwww…

From then on it’s all downhill for Ai. She gets literally the next 9 or so cards wrong, giving them up to Mitsui to get right.


Mitsui has 15pts.

Ai still has 3 pts.

All of a sudden Ai gets her stuff together and starts getting them right.

Card 13:

But lil’Mitsui is struggling with her card. Can she do it?

She aces it of course.

A few GETS later, there are only five cards left.

You guessed it, she GETSx5.

Everyone’s excited, even Koharu who’s normally bouncing around can’t keep up with Eri.

Final Standings:

Mitsui Aika 34

Takahashi Ai 16

Ai got owned to say the very least.

HM@ Boss of the Week: Goes to Kamei Eri! From being dragged into a recliner, enduring shameless puns, and being subjected to torture, Eri was a good sport. She looked a little irritated at first but her priceless “Itai” was a huge highlight in today’s episode, and her pain shouldn’t go unnoticed. Congratulations for enduring “random” selections Kame-chan!

Well all in all the episode was good until the Memory Segment. TsuboTsuboMan(TTM) was interesting because it wasn’t Doi Takako, and we could see what Ai would have been like if she was shamelessly annoying. Kamei looked like she was genuinely picked out of the blue, since she reverted to a type of natural uncertainty that I haven’t seen out of her in awhile. Her screams were hilarious, especially in slo-mo playback, and her exasperated wave at the end.

She looked a little bit irritated at times throughout it, but she carried on anyway. Koharu’s dub would have been interesting if I understood more than just the end, however it was cute to see mini’d 6th gen, and the current rokkies freaking out on the set at their younger selves.

What do I think about Princess Wai Wai? Well…Koharu’s right, I did find her segment more interesting than Wai Wai, especially because these “tricks” aren’t really “tricks” anymore. I find it lightly annoying to watch Sayu prance around, but the fact that she’s having fun makes it a little better. Have her do something else though. The Memory Segment was mildly interesting also. The whole outcome was to be expected though, so that made it 80% less amusing. Even though there was an outrageous amount of cheese in this episode, I’m expecting the majority of watchers to enjoy it, so don’t mind my tiredness. I’m really interested in Jun’s face next time though, looks she has some crazy muscle control.

As for that Kamei/Koha interaction last week. Either they made up or they’re becoming closer, you can see a lot more happy background reactions between the two of them this week mainly Kamei to Koha. Sayu/Reina had some cute interactions too, but other than that I didn’t really notice anything out of the norm coming from any other members other than Lin Lin got a haircut.

Princess Wai Wai Revealed!: I’m sorry but if you can logically deduce answers, then you barely deserve to watch this show. As shown by Hoi Hoi through a clear cylinder, the seeds or smaller substance is placed on top, and the popcorn is placed on the bottom. When shaken the seeds fall to the bottom and reveal the popcorn on top–looking like it “magically appeared.”


-Fairy costume continuation

-HM@ Idiot Girl Segment


-JunJun’s crazy ability to not flinch when a balloon is popped

There are Yousei妖/SNS pictures for this episode:

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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ Memory King Battle pt.2/2

You know what I just realized… there were supposed to be GakiKame NG’s last week. Oh well, TVTokyo lying/confusing me isn’t anything new. =) I probably just misinterpreted something. Well this week obviously is a continuation of last weeks battle. The episode starts off right away with a short recap of what happened during the Team A Battle, Sayu’s Tomato card, Reina’s teasing, Aika’s win? I hope you didn’t forget.

So whoever wins from Team B will go on to face Aika in the last challenge.

So the theme still stands from last week of “Bujutsu武術”! And this time it’s Team B’s turn of, Takahashi Ai, Kamei Eri, Lin Lin, and Kusumi Koharu.

So everybody’s been studyin’ hard in the study room, most of the objects seem to be scientific. I can’t describe it but Lin Lin does the most ADHD playful frustration desk smack over and over.

Everybody draws sticks so that the order will be Kamei, Koharu, Aichan, and LinLin. Notice that instead of saying not only how many cards they’ve done, it now also says how many points each of them has.

Round 1: Kamei struggles for half a second with a Xylophone and eventually gets it. (Why they show an example of what that is–I don’t know it’s a kid’s show.) Koha gets Overhead Projector right (OHP). Aichan gets her Measuring Cylinders right. LinLin however…is struggling with the name of an Upright Xylophone thing, whereas Aichan/Koharu are basically busting because they know it. She get’s it in the end though.

Round 2: Kamei/Koha pass, but then it gets to Aichan. She has a bunch of metal bits…that are made of Aluminum, Nickel, and Copper(which is usually turned into an alloy to make things like pan’s more heat resistant.) She gets it right, LinLin however is struggling with a dustpan, maybe on account of there are three different types of them! Yeech but after some jibberish she clears it.

Round 3: Kamei winces because she got another version of the dustpan card, she clears it. Koha clears. Aichan clears. LinLin fails immediately…awww. She’s the first one to fail a card so far.

Round 4: Ahhh! Kamei fails immediately on her card (a badminton Birdie). Koha passes, Aichan passes while reminding me of a triumphant elementary school kid. LinLin fails again…which is a bit sad. If only she were a polyglot.

Standings: Aichan/Koharu are tied for 1st

Kamei is in 3rd

LinLin is in 4th

Round 5: Kamei fails right away again. Koharu then gets the Badminton Birdie card that Kamei failed at previously. She’s struggling a lot…so she just guesses while everyone stands by and gets it wrong. Hmmm…this week seems a little more serious and you can see some internal emotions of getting a card wrong. Aichan/LinLin pass.

Round 6: Kamei nearly fails again but she gets her card of Whiteboard Eraser right. I’m so excited that Aichan got the card of which I use almost every day, Starting Blocks (track/field), she passes. LinLin…I’m feeling mucho sorry for this girl, she fails once again after some stuttering, but she was only off by one character–so that’s good! Even in a game with friends, getting stuff wrong makes you feel a little dumb/not good, huh?

Standings: Aichan is in 1st

Koharu is in 2nd

Kamei is in 3rd

LinLin is in 4th

Can the leader win the whole thing!?

Round 7: Kamei/Koha pass. Aichan is struggling…she’s got the Ka right and just says about every word she knows starting with Ka. She fails it after like 5 Mulligans. LinLin has got the dreaded Badminton Birdie card, and Koharu is looking on in horror, LinLin fails once again…

Round 8: Kamei fails at her card of a Belthole Puncher, Koharu gets her card right suprisingly quick, and Aichan finally gets the Badminton Birdie card right so it won’t trouble anyone else. And then LinLin…she looks so blank right now, I want to tell her the answer so badly.

Round 9: Kamei passes. Koharu goes on confidently again, but there’s no ding to ensure that she’s correct. She fails and she’s completely taken aback by it, she randomly looked way pretty whilst staring at her card in shock. She was only a character off though! Aichan passes. Lin Lin fails once again…

Round 10: Kamei looks a little pissed that she fails. Koharu fails once again. Aichan gets the card Koharu got wrong, right. Lin Lin fails…I’m starting to see either serious concern by some or serious tension by some during these stumbling alongs of everyone. Someone crack a joke please…

Standings: Aichan is in 1st

Koharu is in 2nd

Kamei is in 3rd

Lin Lin is way in 4th

Round 11: Kamei gets the card that was previously failed at, and fails. Koharu gets the card Belthole Puncher that Kamei previously failed at, she fails. Aichan gets the card that Kamei just failed at, and LinLin failed previously. Aichan passes, and damn straight that’s “Sugoi”, what an intelligent leader. Lin Lin fails again.

Round 12: Kamei fails. Koha nicks the same card and get sit wrong. Can LinLin get it right? No she can’t…wow I almost feel like this is super embarrassing for her even if it’s a game…Aichan gets the Belthole Puncher and gets it wrong, so she hands it off to LinLin again, she gets it wrong but at least she’s laughing.

Round 13: I’m supposing this is Round 13, but they go back to LinLin to see if she can get the card she’s failed at the past few times. She can’t. Kamei gets the card and can’t get it either. I guess they can skip Koharu… Aichan guesses but she’s off by one character, “no way!”. Since the card is such a toughie and nobody is gonna get it, they take it out of the game. LinLin gets what looks to be a Petri Dish…god if I know though, she fails.

Round 14: The Petri card is the last one, Kamei tries to guess, and fails. Koharu fails… and then Aichan. She guesses correct, how the hell did she get that right…goodness she’s way too smart for her own good. Everybody claps at her, because god damn that was a good performance.

Final Standings: Aichan wins it with 11pts

Koharu comes in 2nd with 7pts

Kamei comes in 3rd with 6pts

LinLin comes in 4th with 3pts

So Aichan wins this shiz and smothers her underclassmen into the ground. She’ll be going up against Aika next Memory King for the title. Ganbare!

HM@ Boss of the Week:Goes to none other than the undeniable, poised, and intellegent Takahashi Ai. Blazing through the cards, she answered the toughies that no one else could get–even surpassing Koharu. She definitely displayed her mental talent that complements her physical prowess and leadership skills . Congratulations on winning this week!

Well my take on it is just about the same as last time, except today’s episode was a bit more enjoyable. Everyone was great except I felt really bad for LinLin. I know that losing is part of games/quizzes…but only getting that many right would make me feel a little dumb on national television. Not to mention the aura was a bit more…something.

For instance when someone didn’t get one right there was more of a depressed/focused mood coming from everyone afterwards instead of laughing. On that note, watching a bit too closely as I always do; there seemed to be a little bit of tension between Kamei/Koha. Don’t tell me you didn’t see Kamei whip out some of those death glares.Oh well, Kamei seemed blatantly uninterested today after everything was said and done.

For example the small segment towards the end as Ai is counting her cards Kamei looks like she really wanted the day to be over, so maybe she was just tired. Or maybe the unmosaic-ing of her “scandal” has her a little stressed. At that I thought this would be a sneaky place to link a summary of the article and all the pictures… since I feel uncomfortable putting it anywhere else.

Warning: If the whole Kamei scandal upsets you, don’t click any of the links. I’ve already expressed my own views that subject and you’ve read this so you know what you’re opening.


Image: 1 2 3 4

Anyways all that aside, I’m looking forward to next week, and I’m curious to see this Kamei/Aichan skit. All I can say as far as management planning goes, it was a good choice to have the show be split instead of having a memory segment the whole time, mixing it up is key when trying to keep the attention of an audience. Maybe the costumes will change in the middle of the episode or something. That said–the Moutube is back.


-More TvTokyo costume lies?

Moutube is back!

-Kamei/Aichan skit

-Koharu and Kirarin Revolutions new character?

-Student vs Master–Takahashi vs Aika Memory Finals

There are Bujutsu/SNS pictures for this episode:

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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ Memory King Battle pt. 1/2

No Moutube this week. Is this a good or a bad thing? Lets find out.

This’ll be a rather brief day but its Memory Battle Time! Today’s theme is “Bujutsu武術” or the Martial (arts) Way!

Lets see your Bujutsu–Shige. She attempts a pose but fails cutely.


–let’s get it on. The Musume’s will be broken into team A and B, at the end of the Memory Tourney the winner from team A will compete against the winner from team B.

They’ll draw a card when it’s their respective turn. If they take too much time to say the name of the leafy object on their card they they FAIL that card and have to put it back randomly into the pack for someone else to get. If you PASS you get the card, so whoever has the most cards at the end wins!

Everybody’s studying hard!

Oh Shige…you get no more time to study! No more yelling at us to wait for you!

They all draw sticks to see who will go 1st 2nd 3rd etc. Remind you of old Hello Morning Zekkyou CM!’s?

The order will go Shige, Aika, Tanakacchi, Gakisan, and then JunJun.

Round 1: Only Sayu fails everyone else passes.

Round 2: Sayu is about to fail again and Koharu just tells her to give it up, and yes she fails anyway. Everyone else passes.

Round 3: Sayu wants her next card to be a Tomato because she knows what that is (lol), however it’s not a tomato and suprisingly she gets her card right. Everyone else passes.

Round 4: Sayu finally draws a Tomato! She’s super excited since the chances of her getting it were realitively low so she jumps up and down. Tanaka fails hers, Gaki is struggling but she knows it, she gets it. JunJun is once again at a disadvantage because Japanese is her second language. She thinks her veggie starts with a Yo, so as time ticks down she keeps going “Yo-Yo-Yo” then somebody says “There isn’t even a Yo!” (lol). So Jun fails it.

Standings: Aika/Gaki are tied for 1st

Jun/Tanaka are tied for 3rd(technically)

Shige is at the bottom at 5th(technically)

Round 5: Shige fails immediately. Aika is struggling with the pronunciation of her veggie (yeah they’re stingy) and everybody is tweaking out around her because they know how to say it, so Aika fails. Since it’s the first time she’s ever gotten anything wrong Tanakacchi “Ha ha ha’s” her and claps in her face and Aika playfully hits her back. Gaki is struggling with her veggie. She gets the first part of the name right but can’t remember the rest, the answer she gives is one character off (Ku is right Gu is wrong). JunJun gets the same card Aika failed at–and fails.

Round 6: Tanaka gets the card Risa failed at and gets the word completely wrong (ooguromaki!)–but hey she’s having fun. Gaki fails. Jun fails.

Standings: Aika is in 1st

Gaki/Reina are tied for 2nd

Shige/Jun are tied for 4th

Round 7: Aika gets the toughie card that Gaki/Tanaka failed at. She also fails for a mispronunciation. Tanaka fails. Jun gets the toughie card again already. She basically just thinks of something silly which is incorrect, but she’s laughing instead of her usual angst. Will no one get this dreadful card?

Round 8: Sayu gets the tough card. Ookurokuwana? No! Fail! Since it’s too hard the producers decide to take that card out of the game. Gaki fails. JunJun fails at the same card Gaki had. Six more cards left–lets go!

Standings: Aika is in 1st

Gaki/Reina are tied for 2nd

Shige is in 4th

JunJun is in 5th

Round 9: Sayu has 2/3 of the little stringy bean cards and she has to answer the last one. She’s struggling but she remembers it has 16 beans–she Passes. Tanaka gets the toughie (Endaibu) right, she has to say it slower a second time since she’s so excited. JunJun has a heartattack because she gets just about the hardest card again…she just basically says screw it and says she doesn’t know. Sayu gets the same card and gets it wrong. Jun knows it all of a sudden but’ll have to wait. Reina nabs the card and gets it right and does a little triumphant hand smack.

Final Standings: Aika came in 1st with 8pts

Tanakacchi came in 2nd with 7pts

Gaki came in 3rd with 6pts

Sayu came in 4th with 5pts

JunJun came in 5th with 3pts

So Aika GET. She’ll move on to face the winner from team B in the week after next.

HM@ Boss of the Week: Goes to Tanakacchi. Her wonderful face expressions, zeal, and getting the last toughie card right made his episode fun. Goodness knows I don’t have a favoring towards her–but she’s been really making HM fun these past few times and stepping it up by stepping forward, more than her colleagues. Keep it up Renchan.

The episode was okay. Watching them fail and jump up and down was interesting. Jun is starting to take games less seriously, as she even laughed when she got one wrong– thank goodness. The rest of the girls in Team B hung out in the back and did nothing–which must have been super boring. There was something about the whole episode that made it dull though, not to mention it still reeked of Moutube. Nothing made me laugh, except at times Sayu’s constant failing, but nothing made me want to stop watching it either. I guess it just felt like an established routine since Memory Segments have already been going on within Moutube, it just seemed like regular people taking an oral test during school.


-Lin vs. Aichan vs. Kamei vs. Koharu—Team B Battle!

There are SNS/Bujutsu pictures for this episode:

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Elegies Go Go Go!

Inshouha Renoir no You ni was a song by the 2005 Shuffle Group Elegies with Takahashi Ai, Tanaka Reina, Shibata Ayumi, and Satoda Mai. Since I almost never listen to shuffle groups so I came across this purely by chance, and I’m quite happy I did.

Song/Lyrics: Well I can definitely describe the way this song makes me feel. Like I’m in a rave induced trance, it’s addicting, fast, and it flows well. There are definitely three different feels to the song. The Dakishimete/Chorus, the Dual Singing, Innocence, and the Chorus. The ever refreshing D/C occurs at the beginning, middle, and end of the song adding a cool flowing movement to the pace of the music. The Dual Singing comes in almost unexpectedly and catches you off guard. The effect is mystic as the words are accented at the end of a line making the lyrics sound definitive and subtle. The singing also gets lower along with another member singing the last word of the line to give it a dreadfully sexy depth. The Innocence piece might even catch you off guard more. It’s brief but you can tell the difference when you hear the more delicate singing in contrast with the more subtle notes of the Dual Singing.

From my point of view the lyrics are a bit dirtier than the H!P music I normally listen to.

I’m fine with whatever you want to do to me.”

As far as you can, as far as you can, farther, farther!”

The two of us, excited, there’s not enough time.”

I dunno…it was just bit of a surprise to hear this but after awhile but the effect of the lyrics working together with the PV just won’t let the painfully sexy aura go away.

PV/Dance: Honestly I liked the song much better than I liked the PV–at first. It just seemed like a bunch of frame/paint overlays, but the more the song got suck in my head the more I watched the video and started to love it. The topic of the painter Renoir…I don’t get it–but that’s okay because everything else is so amazing. The dancing and costumes are alright too. Mixing the youngin’s with the veterans definiately made a beautiful arrangement. Overall I think out of the 2005 shuffles Elegies kicked some Sexy Otona/PuriPuri Pink ass, if you’ve never watched it–go!

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Prelude / Ai no Tane ga Uwarimashita

Honkidayo/Honki writing. I’m joining sauder and hopefully will contribute well to Bigaku!Palace.

To begin – a project to promote and bring attention to the older or less-heard songs of Morning Musume. Shall we begin?

Ai no Tane
Ai no Tane
(愛の種 | あいのたね)

Found in the single “Ai no Tane” or the album “Morning Coffee”.

Performed by: Morning Musume.
(Nakazawa Yuko, Ishiguro Aya, Fukuda Asuka, Abe Natsumi, Iida Kaori) left-right

Background: A challenge set to the five runner-ups to Michiyo, then Heike Michiyo, winner of the ASAYAN-hosted audition for Tsunku’s group Sharam Q – sell at least fifty thousand copies of the single in five days, and the group, named モーニング娘。(Morning Musume, meaning Morning Daughters/Girls), would win a record deal. On the fourth day of selling, Morning Musume reached the number; in a few days, the newly-established group was preparing its next single, Morning Coffee.

Comments: With an introduction of descending bells and piano, Morning Musume begins with “Come now, let’s set out./ surely it’ll be noticed/ [that] I cut my hair,/ refined my dreams;/ for my favorite sky/ I am aiming for”. One hears the ascending phrases starting from “I cut my hair”, a musical illustration of “aiming for the sky”. The title’s namesake is repeated on that pattern, in the lyrics “the seeds of love/ I want to spread”.

Solo lines proceed after that chorus – each line switches the singer. You can hear well-practiced singing (“Countless times…” is given a small crescendo to “I’ll end up smiling”, thus completing the sentence with less abruptness; also heard in “The new season is…” to “a little cruel”. Lines such as “Before I knew it”… gets a small break before “my tears dried up”, as grammatically, there would be a comma), demonstrating the hard work the young Morning Musume put into their first assignment.

I found this song to be, whilst typical of an early pop song, well thought out. Musical intervals of perfect fourths (“Sa” to “~a”), perfect fifths (“namida wa kawai” to “-da”, and major sixths (“Sa~” to “deka”) are heard, giving Tsunku a way to train his new project. Considering how these girls were mostly had non-musical training in their youths, their good voice control and sense are shown.

Lyric-wise, we see an implied message of Morning Musume’s hopeful beginnings. The lines “Before I knew it, my tears dried up… countless times, I’ll end up smiling” perhaps gives an inside view of how the five felt after losing in the ASAYAN auditions, but then given another opportunity by Tsunku. With the group practically selling the recordings with their own efforts, one isn’t surprised to hear that “the new season is a little cruel”.

Ai no Tane was a perfect introduction to Morning Musume and in some ways sets the philosophy of the now thirty-some released single group. Hearing it, especially after the electronic-heavy songs of today’s Morning Musume, really gives perspective to the dreams of moving on, no matter how painful the experience is. Scandals and bad sales will always pass and be left behind, as long as one aims for the sky. The seeds of love have been planted.

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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ Moutube pt. 15

So as I’m feeling some pretty rough physical effects of sleep deprivation–so this weekend I’ll rest and start doing some real posting hmm? I know that’ll make you happy–as a matter of fact as far as happy goes…The show starts off today with a live preformance by Milky Way–Anataboshi, and sorry for some of the small caps, (clicking on them will still make them bigger, but if I post them full size they come out distorted for some reason.)

So I guess I’ll shower you with caps instead!

Well after that lovely preformance…this weeks theme is “応援団Ouedan!”. How badass of them, and there disappears Koharu after that.

1/5 It’s Corporate GakiKame time–ahh Kamei you’ve got 30 minutes to get drinks before the meeting! Go go go!

While Kamei’s away, Gaki will tidy up. She grabs some trash and throws it over her head into the proper trash receptacles. What a good kid.

While that’s goin’ on, Kamei is peddling away to get to the vending machine full of soda in the middle of a park. You can hear some “Dekiru Onna’s” in the background…hell yeah she is.

And what do you know…it’s Mikan Juice! I want some!

Because Kamei can’t just walk back over to her bike like a normal person…she throws all the sodas over her head and into the basket, even the zoom in on the show is blurry, so just recognize it’s quite a ways away. Goodness imagine the NG’s…

Back just in time! To pitch Moutube and Mikan Juice to some corporate fellows…

They dole out the booklets and juice to each person at the table.

And of course “Aaaa-to!”. Next time is some hearty NG’s!

2/5 It’s mischievious Aika’s turn to win us over with her creepy sushi puppet sidekick–

–and her “giant picture sushi” making skills.

So after this she adds some more things and the members have to guess what the inside of the giant sushi will look like when it’s cut in half. It’s supposed to be a picture.

Sayu ponders if its an animal, and Reina asks Akachin for a hint. He basically says no so Reina calls him “A jerk/asshole” (konoyaro!) either way– she said it cutely so it wasn’t very threatening.

More or less all of their picture guesses look weird.

Reina drew a snail, Sayu drew madness, and Aika is lookin’ a bit nervous at this.

Now to finish the video! Aika rolls and presses her giant log. And twa-la.

A snail it is!

Therefore Reina’s a boss.

3/5 So since they’ve been doing internet games the past few times, they’ve decided to play another! This time it’s the Introduction Generator. Insert your name and see what you get! First they enter Morning Musume and they get the introduction of “Hey I have nice (amazing) teeth–Morning Musume!” Gaki then says that they do show off their teeth when they smile at beginning of concerts though…OFF TOPIC!

Reina then enters her own name and gets the introduction–“While walking underwear goes up my butt–I’m Tanaka Reina!” And somehow she’s okay with this…she then goes on to say that during a concert she really did get a wedgie…PK (an abbreviation for Pantsu Kuikomu–“(my)pants are riding up”)!

4/5 Onto the next video…Gaki is impersonating these identical brothers. It’s actually a bit creepy…

She gets 8/8 stars so fast the sound clip could barely keep up.

5/5 So this time on the memory segment corner…”Koharu’s been studyin’ 25 seemingly minute things that actually have a name!”

She runs back to them…literally, and you can see how small their set is compared to H!M days…

Don’t even ask her if she’s “Genkii” cause she is bouncing around everywhere like a kid who just found out her biological sister is Ayaya. Oh well I can’t blame her–she’s in high spirits today for whatever reason.

These things really are a bit obscure. Everybody is laughing at Koha as she points, hops, and jumps while answering. Poor camera man…

Koha GET! She aces it…which actually this type of obscure memorization seems to be a bit harder than something like historical figures. High fives all around!

She even high fives Akachin…it’s more like a smack in the head, but oh well same thing either way–It was still funny.

So Reina and Sayu jointedly decide not to give her a star. They say that it’s the way she did it that annoyed them–she wouldn’t shut up while doing it/ made it look too easy so they–

–became flamingly irritated with her.

HM@ Boss of the Week: This award is actually going to be split by two people. First up is Tanaka Reina for being funny and calling Akachin a jerk, guessing the snail right, and being an active part of talk sections. Kusumi Koharu also wins for waking me up as I was falling asleep towards the end of the show. She was hyper (to put it lightly) during her memory segment, and made everybody who looked more or less bored, laugh heartily. Not to mention her rounds of high fives and punching that creepster Akachin in his fat head. Hooray for both of you for beeing the Boss of the Week.

My Take: I hope my boredom this week didn’t show. It probably did though, and that’s okay, because it was boring this week. Most of the time either nobody had anything to say or they were too exhausted to say it. GakiKame was good except when they slid the cans and booklets across the table–that was minimally impressive, I don’t mind that much though.

Aika’s segment was just weird, but Reina made it entertaining, again, nobody really said much else. Once again Reina is back up there with her weird introduction and PK, grabbing my attention. Gaki Korea was actually interesting because the dual effect was actually done well as to how I though it would appear, so that made it better than past Gaki Korea’s. Koha’s memorization–I thought it was pretty good. Nobody really knows what those small things are called anyways, so not having common knowledge in them made it harder to complete. Not to mention her jumping around really startled me and made me laugh, her high fives were unpredictable and funny also. I don’t even care if that was annoying or not, she made it interesting and brought the seriousness of memory segments down a notch.

All in all I wouldn’t recommend you watch it. Even though 5/5 of the videos were once again all by the girls, that doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to be interesting, today is the best example of that…I don’t know what to expect next week or if MouTube is really done for.


-Kendo Gi’s? Not a Moutube logo to be found?

-GakiKame Corporate NG’s

-9 Way Memory King Battle


There are Ouedan/SNS pictures from this episode:









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