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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ Moutube pt. 14

So what the hell…Moutube has officially passed the Idol Legends(11) segment, and their Japan Strollings(13) segments in the “most consecutive segments” bracket. Why…is this whole Moutube business even happening right now…I’m sorry, was I angry? Yeah I was a little, but I’m feeling a bit girly today, maybe because…

The theme this week is (Tenshi天使) or Angels! I know–I can hear the Wotas beginning to fantasize too. Hey before you read on, I highly encourage you scroll all the way down today.

I’ve got to admit though, those shoes are pretty damn hot.

Kamei straightened her hair today… absolutely gorgeous.

Musume Segment : We start off right way with some JunJun vs. Aika memory battle. This week “Jun Jun and Aika’ve been studyin’ Important Historical Figures” (40). Am I the only one that realized that the intense background music from this was from Pirates of the Carribean…hmmm.

They even study together…what cute rivals they are. Aika knows more Japanese than JunJun does so I could see why this would be difficult for her.

If one of them says that they don’t know the answer, and the other one gets it, then the one who didn’t know loses. If they both don’t know who it is then they both Pass.

They both have noise canceling headphones, so that when one is answering the other can’t hear what they say. If I might add–Aika has been talking cutely today not to mention she’s crusin’ through these people.

JunJun can’t remember the name of Wagner and begins to cry. She’s taking this way too seriously and being too hard on herself…Aika totally surprised at what’s going on gets the right answer.

This is actually a little tough for me to watch…I mean I know Aika won and stuff, but it was Jun’s look of utter defeat and her torrential downpour of tears.

It’s a little awkward…Aika doesn’t even look to Jun who’s immediately to her right, and she just keeps going by herself naming off figures until she gets to the bottom. When she does everybody “subarashii’s” her and smothers her in hugs and praise while Jun just sits there not moving. Sayu pats her a bit but, I mean–I dunno. It was just awkward because she lost and nobody really said anything about it or her crying, they just left her in the middle of that hot mess. Although being comforted by Aika (the winner) would be a bit patronizing hmm…?

Everyone’s lost before…even though sometimes you don’t like to be told you did good anyway, at least your friends say something instead of crowding around the winner-hmmm? However Aika won fair and square and did nothing underhanded, it actually was quite impressive.

And then Koharu…of all people– says she can totally kick ass at this stuff, and with that Koha presents Aika with a memory battle challenge next episode.

1/4: So onto an actual video– it’s Cabbage-kun (who always seems to have a little bit of green) and Aichan. So the trick being played on LinLin is that she’ll pick up a bagel to eat, and when she does a fake cockroach will come out.

So…I’m having a hard time typing because this is so odd. I don’t know what’s scarier LinLin dancing when nobody’s watching, or knowing that some drunk wota passed out in a cardboard box, woke up in TvTokyo and just happened to have a camera to videotape LinLin through a hole.

So watching LinLin scream “Ai-ya!” at the bug slo-mo was amusing.

And of course LinLin does it so does everybody else.

2/4 : GakiKame NG’s. I’m actually looking forward to this. So yes if you didn’t already know, they actually are doing all of these throwing tricks by themselves without the help of camera angles or special effects…

I feel like if that cellphone was alive it’d be screaming bloody murder. Eri’s already screaming too– like a man though on Take2 (obvious Aichan lessons) and scuttles over to get the phone in frustration.

Take 3…8…12…23…31…48…Miss after miss after miss…

But the Golden Take 51…

Kame shanks that phone and does the best “”yatta!” bounce around, run across the room, nearly trip on the carpet, jump up and down” dance ever. She asks if her face was okay in the shot and it was golden so she bows out and I’m assuming probably jumped around more away from the equipment.

As you can see…no amount of caps does this justice.

So onto our lovely housewife Gaki aiming her carrot stub into a Haromoni@ looking trash can…It just looked like she had a bunch of precut stubs and just kept throwing them one after the other. She made it on Take 3. “Uso!”

GakiKame together NG’s. They have to hit the spoon and flip it into the other’s hand so that they can enjoy some hot steamy curry. They almost get it once but it was so awkward that they try to hold in their laughs and the director just tells them to do it again because it was just a little obvious.

…. hold it in.

As expected they eventually get it and do it to it.

Sayu is the only one who doesn’t vote for it because she says they should stay cool and not show the world their NGs…well… at least she’s consistent.

3/4: It’s Magical Sayu! Princess Wai Wai This time she has an assistant: Princess Hoi Hoi…who I suspect is that woman from awhile ago.

So Princess Hoi Hoi throws the balloon up to Sayu and at a certain point before it reaches her–it pops.

Princess Hoi Hoi isn’t scared of popping balloons…Sayu tries to Y balance but obviously was out too late the night before…as Princess Hoi Hoi does spirit fingers. Thank god this is over, and I know everyone is thinking the same as I, as Sayu says “Subarashii” at her own video.

At least she still has LinLin and Koha under her spell.

4/4: So about this Doi Takako fellow attending a HS band practice…

I’m sure those kids almost mugged Ai before her manager could save her. So this was actually funny…only for the sole reason that it was so random.

Her in the left corner trying to flip a baton.

For once at the end she didn’t look as creepy as usual.

So that concludes todays…stuff. I actually liked this episode kind of. Memory segments are normally boring…but this was kind of interesting. I don’t mind that there’s a little Musume drama going on, it actually makes for amusing T.V. in more ways than one. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but Musume rivalry’s used to go on all the time on H!M and there weren’t very many times that people cried(Ai/Rika/KonKon/etc.), but when it did happen–everybody at least reacted. Although I could see a reaction in this case being a bit awkward. Junjun crying was kind of just one of those uncomfortable moments for some of the members where they either weren’t sure what to do or most likely they all talked about it after the take was done. I’m sure they told Aika not to look at her though, or else um…she doesn’t have a heart.

I could see why Aika would be a bit jealous. As mentioned on Music Fighter she never got talked to much when she first joined, then when the Pandas came everybody talked to them a lot so it annoyed her. Not to mention she’s also technically the only one in her generation and she might feel a little bit like a failure comparing herself to someone that was in the same situation (Koharu), but who is much more successful. Not to mention Panda PB’s and Athena/Robb coming to an end. I don’t know–the whole rivalry thing is probably half truth/half television, but all I know is that Aika still can control her own future by proving her worth to the management.

Anyway, I think Juns crying was real because obviously she hates to lose, goes too hard on herself, and naturally is a crybaby. The outcome probably wasn’t staged…since the amount of tears she’s crying is a bit alarming, and everybody probably comforted her afterwards. Magical Sayu was boring, LinLin’s was just weird because it was filmed from in a cardboard box(?) and there were slo-mo voices…and Ai-ya’s! It was just off of my radar–so moving on, Doi Takako was funny just because it really was so random. GakiKame is something you really need to see to laugh at. So I recommend that you actually download/watch this episode because it’s not full of any fan crud. See, now that tends to make better episodes–however the whole format is limiting even if nobody sent in videos at all.

Magic Sayu Revealed: Princess Hoi Hoi shows us that orange’s are acidic so they break down things like balloons quickly, therefore they pop when shortly after being touched with orange juice. She rubbed some of this on a paper wedged between her finger so that the juice touched the balloon but didn’t make it explode right away.


-Ouedan-like outfits.

Ouedan is like an actual cheer squad yet more intense, like stomping. Throughout the show they yell things like “push” and “fight” and such. I don’t even know how to explain it, but these pictures do a bit of justice. As for the cloth on their heads I think it’s their own girly version of the “Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan” videogame headband…

-Milky Way live preformance

-Corporate GakiKame

-Gaki Korea…dancing with Gaki Korea

-Aika saying “Bari Bari!” with a puppet.

-Koharu Memory Challenge

There are Tenshi pictures for this episode:

credit to ampedechoz at JPopMusic Forums*

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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Moutube Part 13:

And its Part 13 on April 13th. Coincidence? Yes probably.

Well today we start off with a lovely live performance of the 36th single Resonant Blue. The only thing different about this version is that they start the body roll section earlier than the P.V. There was also a bit of lipsynching going on, ahem~~. No big. The great thing about this is that you can tell that they’re really into it because you can hear the intensity in their voices changes after the dance segment. And Aika’s here–I hope she’s feeling better…JunJun doesn’t appear after the beginning until later today. If you wish to watch it on Veoh instead of downloading it. You can do so here. (link)

Like the talking baby said–this is MouTube! Today we have the theme Dekiru Onna or “Able (up to the task career wise) Women”. Yes–they look quite able today, while wearing waistcoats… Kamei’s Dekiru Onna: “I’m going straight home.”. Ohhhh Kamei…sign:return home directly!?

1/6: First up we have a five year old child playing this lovely taiko game. It’s like Guitar Hero except you’re playing the taiko–obviously. The kid is seriously cute too and he’s tearing it up on this game. Various “chou kawaii!!!’s” can be heard. They seriously can’t get enough as the kid hits 100% accuracy with 914,410 points. Jesus.

9 out of 9 Musume’s approve this message. 2/6: I don’t even want to talk about this video. From the man who brought us sizzling food noises from a few times ago…brings us noises that just sound like Daffy Duck’s children fighting over a bowl of dead babies. Yes–It’s actually quite startling to watch… Yet 9 out of 9 Musume’s still vote for it. Sayu then says (“Boku mikki(Mickey) da yo yoroshiku ne!”.) “Hey I’m Mickey nice to meet you.” They all just basically just go “wow Sayu that was lame…” and move on. 3/6: Niigaki is impersonating someone. She looks rather embarrassed afterwards. She also gets shut down with a 4/9. Ouch. Tanaka is an Able Woman! And I couldn’t understand her to safe my life but her impersonation of a Dekiru Onna was along the lines of controlling the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. Strange…

Sayu reverts back to her (Mikki (Mickey) nara dekiru), “If it’s the topic of Mickey impersonations I can do it!”– thing…sign:again!?

4/6: It’s spring and these people are enjoying themselves in a parklike setting and Cabbage-kun comes over laughing like a psycho on what looks like a motorized cooler…

Did I call it or what…the Cruisin Cooler that is powered by a 500 watt engine and costs a lot of money (69,800Y $690USD). Lo and behold it actually can hold foods and beverages also.

So after that Cabbage-kun decides to hang out with his new friends the picnic-ers, and “suru to!” he has another invention called the Ame de Wataame…? (15,750Y $155USD). You put a candy ball in the center of the machine and it starts to create cotton candy. Umm… So his friends begin to toss the sticks they were eating cotton candy with –so Cabbage-kun tweaks out. And leaps with mighty camera placing skills to catch the sticks. Then he pulls out a bib called the Love-it____. It’s a plastic bag of which you can tie so that it makes a bunny face. (350Y $3.46USD). He then drives away. Musume Segment: Two people one cotton candy machine and a bunch of candy ball flavors. Madness. For some reason Ai is rather excited and says “Ureshimi”…but then she laughs quite dorkily– because she meant to say something that wasn’t jibberish. Cotton candy START!

Koharu and Aika are working on a tasty Lime flavor. Yet is blue…

Niigaki and LinLin have grape. Kamei and Aichan are working on the Coffee flavor. Except theirs ended up looking like a gross wadded furball. Sayu and Reina are making a lovely Various Fruit flavors. What are Sayu and Reina eating now??? All I know is that they used a slang reversal term for delicious “maiu”– with a heart. Aichan likes her coffee flavor but Kamei thinks the coffee flavor is too strong. Aika’s tounge is green from the Lime flavor. Somehow–she likes to stick her tounge out, and that whole mess of fun comes to an abrupt end.

sign: it’s green

5/6 Because Ahh!–LinLin is having a seizure. She really does like to get into her charades roles. They all know the answer and are squirming around like small hyper children.

When they’re all about to say the answer at the same time they fail somehow… because I swear they’re all ADD today.

So after the video is completely done. Sayu and Reina answer that she was a Bungee Jumper! Nooo that’s completely wrong. Our smart little Kamei corrects them with Skydiver.

6/6 Oh my goodness. I laughed a bit. Because I still don’t understand why they do this memorizing corner and why the kitty’s mewoing in the background sounded like a cat food commercial. Anyway–“JunJun’s been studyin’ 25 different cat species” A lot of them look similar, careful Jun.

She didn’t feel too confident during practice. Her heart’s beating fast…can she do it?

“I’m back!” (Tadaima!)

She preformed her task and quite well I might add. Quite a Dekiru Onna.

She gets 8 out of 9 stars…mmm Aika what’s up with you? JunJun then jokingly says “It’s only Mitsui so it doesn’t matter.”

Except Aika doesn’t think its funny …she’s gonna kill a bitchsign:anger

Akachin suggests they battle but then Aika says with much irritation that she’d be fighting an easy/loose woman (aka someone who doesn’t take things seriously or a dirty woman…either way) “Charai Onna”

But with that face? Everyone is “oh snapping” over in the corner but I’m serious, Aika looks legitimately pissed the hell off. I’m really loving this right now though. Musume Rivalry. So I actually enjoyed this. Partly because it seemed like the girls were a bit hyper-er today and the Resonant Blue live was great! It set me up for a happy episode, not to mention there were only 2/6 videos by actual other people (Cabbage-kun doesn’t count) so that’s probably one of the reasons this was more enjoyable. The end too was just golden. I laughed during that entire Jun/Aika tension. I don’t care if it’s staged or not–it was amusing to see Aika bring out her claws especially towards another member, although on the Music Fighter preview they were fighting with each other again. (yikes) MouTube isn’t great–but this episode was better, I can’t help but wonder when they’re going to go outside? Oh well–I think I’m going to now use Haro@ to practice my poor Japanese –so yes you’re at my mercy, but I’ll try not to say what I don’t know.


-Angel Costumes

-GakiKame NG Collection

-Doi Takako

-Magical Sayu (being scared at a balloon)

-LinLin screaming in fright at a bagel, and Aichan is watching rather creepily…

-JunJun vs. Aika Memory Battle–Fight Fight Fight!

-But will Aika take the insults too far this time? Or will JunJun lose?

There are Dekiru Onna pictures for this episode:

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Resonant Blue Another Vers. and Lesson Vers.

Am I a little late? Maybe. Well the “Another Vers” of Resonant Blue is out and man am I excited. When I meant that I thought there’d be a plot in this PV I meant it’d break the regular close/dance shot version trend. So I was actually happy about that. I’m warning you though…after Perfume’s–Secret Secret PV I feel a little skeptical about what really means what in PV’s.

Resonant Blue Another Vers.

Resonant Blue Lesson Vers.

The other version video is generally all the girls doing different normal things–probably during the process of making Resonant Blue. Ai is on an excersize bike, Eri and Sayu are talking while eating outside at an amusement park at night, Gaki is in the back of a car and using her phone, Reina is walking by herself at night, Koharu is being interviewed, Lin/Jun are eating at a resturaunt, Aika is waiting for the train/subway, and in the last section they’re all practicing the Resonant Blue dance in a dance studio.

I’ve got to admit I’m not the fastest on picking up deeper meanings in things like this so if there is one– I don’t really think I’ve quite found it yet. All of them seemed to be doing tasks that each of them do semi-regularly, going out to eat, having one on one talks, excersizing (even though they’re fit enough…), riding the car home, things like that.

Sometimes there is no deeper meaning, but I really feel like there’s something I missed. I think that it was just Reina/Gaki/Aika/Ai’s parts of the PV that threw me off a bit but they threw me off because they actually made sense. I’ve got to admit Reina looked like she was in a pretty sketchy area for a girl that’s walking alone, and was pretty sad, She looked like “her sadness was echoing, and her heart was tightening in the dark of the night.” Gaki did also, Aika made my heart hurt because she was so alone (once again in a sketchy place to be) and sad to the point that she was going to shatter. Ai on the other hand looked like she was kind of having a nervous breakdown perfectionist type of a workout (a bit expressionless), but was deeply thinking about something important. So in that sense what they were doing matched what they were saying.

It was just the Eri/Sayu Jun/Lin Koharu(kind of) where they weren’t sad that threw me off. I normally wouldn’t care so much about something like this but because their segments were mixed together I got confused while watching the video and only when I’m now slowing it down am I seeing the difference.

The only deeper meaning I can find is that all four of them either feel alone, or feel under pressure. I think Ai is a given, and once she’s gone Reina is going to have to step it up (or become a solo artist) and that’s got her feeling a little emotional(although Reina did go through her time of uncertainty in the group a few years back and thought seriously about leaving). Gaki also is probably feeling the heat of impending responsibility and one of her best friends leaving. Aika though was a mystery–either she didn’t get enough screen time to make sense or she is going through things we don’t understand, (or maybe her bud Koha is off doing KR so much that she feels lonely) then again maybe none of it means absolutely anything at all.

Who the hell am I kidding.

What was going on in new footage contrasted hard with the dance shot at times not to mention the fact that I’m pretty sure most of the scenes were random, or as usual nobody even thought about continuity. The dramatic fade ins and fade outs and occasional fuzzy cam’s didn’t help either and without it, it probably would have been a lot tighter and cleaner. Why didn’t they just delete the Dance Shot completely? It is another version–why dwell. Oh well, the break away from the norm did cause intrigue from those who expected the usual Musume PV set up.

As for the Lesson version it’s mostly shots from the back that look into the mirror while they wear training clothes while breathing heavily. It really is what it says–nothing more. The good thing about it though is if you wanted to learn the dance or know the arrangement this is perfect. But keep an eye out for the “Night Version” from the single V(how much darker could it get…). I’m thinking Night Version means a version where all the shots of them doing various activities is the entire video, but then again who knows.

Anyways…the Musume’s put in work for sure to make this single good, and this really goes to show they aren’t kidding around this time.

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The Koharu Revalation

Yes I’ve been gone–sorry I should’ve mentioned something! It was spring break and I was hiking for quite a bit of miles in the Grand Canyon. But I’m back now–I’ve decided to skip the previous two Haromoni@ reviews and just start back up with the next episode. Don’t worry I’ve had my punishment, I missed Aibons reserfacing and Anataboshi among some things. Speaking of punishment…when I was hiking I needed something to take my mind off the pain of going up the Cathedral Stairs in the Grand Canyon. Humming Aruiteru worked for awhile…then I moved onto Genkii+, and in awhile I’d gone through a lot of Morning Musume songs and I needed to change it up. So I literally “took a Chance!” and went with Balalalaika. Suprisingly it’s a really good song to get you going when you need it and I could remember the PV fairly well. A month ago I probably wouldn’t have even been happy to meet Koharu on the street…she just irritated me that much but lately I’ve come to see her worth in more ways than just catchy songs.

First Impressions:

Let me be honest here. Koharu is the one member my friend and I laughed about because she was so insane. Yes I think we all remember Crack!Koharu dancing around with step counters on her body. We’d see her on the screen and just go “Achhh… it’s Ko-ha-ruuuu…” and normally just be outright annoyed but interested in seeing what she’d do next. One day though…it went from annoyance to a downright “get off the screen” mentality. She started getting me really irritated, I thought her singing was horrible (even with sound equipment),her anime looked boring, and she wasn’t all that funny.

And then another day came, and I watched the surprise performance at her school. She was so cute. It killed me. So I thought…she was just a regular little kid, and the more I came to just think about how normal she was when she first joined, the more I connected with her as a person. She and other members for that matter, aren’t oblivious to the negative things that their fans say about them. Imagine how she felt hearing those things, even hearing them everyday maybe. I mean just seeing what people say about her sometimes–it’s extremely harsh. I see things like “she’s a rotting piece of no good talent”. You don’t have to like her, but ragging on her 24/7 and saying things that demoralize her as a person aren’t cool, have some respect, seriously.

“Well Technically…”:

In a technical sense (singing and dancing) I think she’s alright at least in the dancing category. She has these little “Sexy Koha” moves that she throws into what she’s doing–so thats fun to look for but her dancing isn’t particularly that special. Her singing–I myself try to stay neutral about but, I know that the consensus is that its really bad. I mean yeah…she isn’t the best at the whole stay in the right register part of it–but at least she tries. I’m not really sure where her voice will go or if it’ll get better with time, but I know its gotten to the stage for me where it isn’t annoying but it isn’t there yet and I’m okay with that. Her enunciation though. That has got to change. I think it’s not really so much her singing that’s the problem…it’s the way she’s singing. She tends to emphasizes syllables randomly which is probably messing with her pitch a little bit and making her sound kind of gulpy. Truly, if she got a voice coach, or whoever works with that kind of thing–she’d sound much better than she does now. I’m not a 100% fan of her voice–but there is much hope!


Pfft–I don’t watch Kirarin Revolution nor do I care about the show…nor do I really care about her solo music. Yes, I’ve listened to it before but it was not the type of music I enjoy listening to. I think it’s not as good as her MM work simply because she doesn’t have the vocal support that a group provides…so it’s just her, her voice, a pretty good musical foundation, and the ridiculously cheesy videos. She is promoting something more juvenile so it’s not even like the set choice is her fault–but still. I think if I was in the target age group for that type of thing it would probably love Koharu and want to be just like her, but I’m not, therefore I don’t. I’m not saying you have to fall in the range to like it–but it’s O.K. if you do. As far as that whole K!R thing goes though…Koharu FTW. UFA is playing her up as a marketing “chip” perfectly, although I’m sure they care about her more than just an object. She is just so great as that type of figure…and it shines more genuinely because naturally it’s who she is. “She embodies the Kirari spirit!”. If you told her to be a somber housewife on a hit T.V. show she’d do it…but it’s not where her heart would be, and thats what makes her extra special as Kirari.

Did I go off on a tangent a bit? I did a little but huh? Well.

Give that girl some credit:

Koharu is so much better than some people give her credit for. The girl is intellegent.

I really think that is something that is somewhat taken as her scheming attitude. She is always conscious of what she’s doing (on camera) which is a good and a bad thing, but by no means do I think she’s dastardly scheming on how to get more camera time than everyone else. Some things in the world are complicated, and some things are not. I think Koha is one of the more simple people that’s just viewed as insanely complex. She just goes around doing things without a care while living up her youth and being herself. I can see K!R as a more serious place for her, because she has to work alone, and I can see MM as a place for her to let loose and be with her friends that she works with everyday. That goes for her self-discipline also, all the members have said before that Koharu has insane mental strength for her age, I don’t find that surprising at all.

As far as her work load goes I actually think she has just about as much to do as Aichan does or more. She has Milky Way and so many things to do for her anime, along with all the things that she has to do in MM–pfft–I don’t understand how MM members survive as it is…but having all those other things too. MM’s day ends at 9PM and her’s ends at 1AM is how I see it. Morning Musume boosts her success, she loves it and her heart is really into it–but at the same time I don’t think any one person can handle that much at once, especially for a sustained period of time. She’s got an education to think about also. Not to mention all the emotional things that come with being a teenager. Have you seen her act out on camera because any of these things? I haven’t–or she’s damn good at hiding it. I think with all this pressure…her graduation is possible but not likely. You can see how valuable she is to management and I believe they have a plan set up for her and how she’s marketed to work in their favor–but it really is up to her. If she works herself to the point of illness…then there’ll be some changes in her future.


But hey! She’s popular in Japan and that’s all that counts.

-She was the youngest artist to debut as a solo artist within Hello! Project.
-She was the best selling Hello! Project soloist in 2006 & 2007.
-And she was the first artist artist to achieve the 2.0 ratio in Hello!Project in years.

She may not be your cup of tea–but for damn sure you can’t deny what the girl has accomplished. From what I’ve observed(Turn Dori etc.)…she seems like the type of person who’d love somebody but never put them before her job. I just feel bad for her though…if she ever messes up (scandal) it’ll be 10 times worse for her than other members. She’s got to keep the balance between cute and sexy. No offensive to Gomaki fans but as far as parents go I don’t think they would want their kids watching the anime voiced by the same girl who made “Glass no Pumps”. Just because it’s not appropriate and I’m assuming parents care about that kind of dual image. By the same token they wouldn’t want their kids watching K!R if they knew Koharu was dating three guys at the same time or something dirty like that. So she has an image to uphold in both parts of her job, because they both effect each other.

She’s a good kid:

Anyways…since she’s a month younger than me I’ve been pretty critical of her. She’s really not all that bad, I actually think after awhile we might be friends. She seems like if you gave her the chance she’d be a pretty good one, not to mention she could help me with school. She has a great sense of personal style too and she’s very supportive of other people and takes the advice from scoldings in strides. She’s growing up to be a warm person with great business sense, not to mention she can only get prettier! So what if she has bad teeth…would you rather there be a Morning Musume Sleepover Special and her wearing headgear and occasionally drooling on her shirt the whole time? She’ll live, if not–Invisiline. Her future is bright–as long as she keeps up her positive attitude.

She’s a miracle in the sense that she’s different than any members before her and any that will come after her…and her whole self is somewhat of a giant rubix cube. You hate it when you start it, it’ll take a long and frustrating time for you to get, you might have some setbacks, but when you finally get it you’re satisfied with the results. I mean–what’s the fun of a rubix cube if you get it and it’s already finished for you? That’s right–it is not nearly as fun as going through the process. Don’t feel obligated to hate her first then like her! But it definitely is different then liking her right away. Believe me–it’s been done before.

If you do hate her though, I encourage you to just stop for a second and look past all the issues you have with her, and maybe–just maybe you’ll see the something in her too. It takes a lot more effort to hate someone than to accept them.

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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Haromoni@ MouTube Part 10


So–Its “cool guy”/salaryman time. Everybody looks pretty badass, even innocent little Aika looks absolutely fierce this week. JunJun isn’t here in the beginning–but don’t panic, she’ll show up!




1/13 A cat that can flex its paws and itch itself…something you’d have to see to fully “understand”. It gets a huge “Kawaiiiiiii~~” out of all of them.


Which reminds me–they can now choose to give the videos they watch stars or not by hitting on a buzzer and…making a star pop up behind them. Keep in mind that they don’t rate every video.


2/13 I actually laughed at this one. I never knew there were people in the world who spent time perfecting the art of seducing women with bulldozer wine serving skills. Different people different hobbies….I guess….



Oh but the fun aint over yet. The woman asks a request of the bulldozer, of which he cannot do, so she gets up and leaves.


Bulldozer gets upset and hits itself on the ground…lol. Then it gets an idea “lets call the girl!” via typing with a stick in it’s claws.


She answers after she’s literally about 10 feet away from the table and runs back to the bulldozer and hugs his claws. What a crazy thing true love is. Especially between a person and giant inanimate object…anyways–


3/13 After a 2 second accepting look from Ai , we move onto a guy who does his morning excersises/stretches.3-1.jpg

But instead of doing it like a normal person would–he decides that doing it on top of a bike would be much better.


He also likes to spin his front wheel pretty fast and ride around with no hands. (despite the cap–it is going pretty fast)


He does another trick but this time straddling the side while using one hand to pedal.


And I guess he could just work his way around the rest of the bike…


Yeah I think he’s just about proved his biking ability a few times over already. From that stance he hops his body over his back wheel while still staying upright, and is still pedaling the bike.


This amazing fellow gets. A 7/8. Sayu didn’t particularly like it.


4/13 It’s time to eat lighter flames for breakfast. “Oishii”.I love Aika’s semi disgusted/wtf look at the end of this.

5/13 Gaki-san is impersonating a woman whose name I couldn’t catch. This video left me so confused. The sound “Guu~~” was emphazised, obviously a trademark of the person beeing impersonated. But the cute thumbs and twirling at the end caught me by complete surprise–my heart almost stopped.



6/13 A man makes some helicopter sounds–some of which were when the helicopter was higher in the air. Whimsical.


He can also make noise while chopin’ and cookin’ food. The sizzle noises were actually pretty good.


This man must be a complete boss because he got 8/8 stars.


Well I guess this guy was seriously good enough to make Aika want to try it out. Everybody closes their eyes so that they can visualize the sizzlin’ food. Obviously they don’t because Aichan gives a “Whats that?”.


They unanimously decide that she sucked at making noises, so they take her stars away. Poor Aika…


7/13 Ohhh gooodnesss. Its Doi Takako time. In fact she walks in and sits down in the first shot then the camera passes by her and a bunch of other customers. The camera is set on a plate of food on a conveyer belt in the restaurant, mind you…so it keeps moving.


Until this freakshow picks up the plate a few tables later(seriously creepy). It’s fairly short this time around.


Watch out for this girl though…she’s always schemin’.


8/13 Okay, let me get one thing straight. Animals are cute…but walruses…are really not my idea of cuddly. This one can do 5 different tricks by voice command and some fishie snack rewards.


9/13 Short video of a guy that can spin on his head while doing the peace sign.

They try to guess how many times he can spin on his head. LinLins ears get a bit tipsy when she replies and Aichan’s/Koharu’s answers…oh well.


He stops at 33 eliminating everybody from Reina up–therefore LinLin wins it because she was closest.


10/13 Its an EcoPuppy. Hooray…This pooch can find bottles on the beach and chew off the lid for its owner. Thereafter she puts it into her own personal plastic bag so she can recycle it later. Thats teamwork right there.


11/13 Magician Sayu is back with another water trick. She first drinks the water, i’m assuming to demonstrate that it’s liquid.


Then she gets a spoon and mixes it in the goblet…and magically the water turns into an ice slushie mixture.


Sayu gives herself her one and only star. If you don’t know why it “transforms” don’t worry the trick will be revealed at the end of the show.

12/13 This man is making some seriously delicious food.


And decides to finish off the seasoning by spraying sauce on the food from 3 meters away.


13/13 “JunJun’s been studyin’ Dog Breeds (25)!” Why dog breeds…? I have no idea myself.

She trips up a bit on the Golden Retriever and a few others. She even rips #3 out of Koharu’s hands because she’s so into it.


She’s literally in tears because she’s happy that she got through them all. Hmmm…she must have been pretty tense.


Best Video: Well anyways–the best video today was the “Cat Scratch (1/13)”. Which I personally found to be a little odd.

Sayu’s Trick Revealed: Seemed to be that they mixed shaved ice with regular ice and made sure the temperature was -10degrees. They stuck a water bottle in the ice for awhile (demonstration) and took it out. When the bottle was still the water was liquid, but when agitated it seemed to ice up.

Comparing the first episode to now. MouTube is getting a lot better. They’re getting out of those plastic costumes and into new things every week–and at least the quizzes at the end keep them involved in the show. Still–it’s not the best concept to work with, especially for so many times in a row. They’ve got potential new fans on the other side of that broadcast…and management’s gotta get it together in order to reel them in.


-A toy car. Another cat. A man who can bend a metal pan.

-Super!Koharu?/Detective Reina.

-Niigaki with a mustache.




New cheer outfits:



There are Cool Guy/Salaryman Cards for this episode:


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Las Panditas

So I came to a semi-sudden realization today that I have MoMusu mood swings as far as liking members go. One day I’ll love Aichan and think Reina’s a complete bitch or the next day I’ll think Reina is the most amazing thing in the world and Aichan is still just “that Fukui kid from down the block”. I have no idea myself where these mood swings come from, but I’ve found two members that seem to always be exempt from my little lineup switches. Las Panditas. Personally–I never really paid much attention to the Pandas, they always seemed to be “there” and occasionally do something funny but nothing particularly memorable. Looking back on this thought of mine–something didn’t feel right, so I decided to really think about the Pandas and what I love about them.

Obviously, JunJun and LinLin are the two most boss Chinese girls put into a Japanese pop group ever. They left their family and friends, flew overseas, faced some racism, learned Japanese, and made the Chinese to Japanese culture adjustment. Seriously, most days I don’t even want to get up and walk to school, where as they’ve gotta get up everyday and learn how to deliver that warm fluffy goodness that we call being an idol. There’s no calling in sick when you have a stomachache–no skipping dance practice when you stayed up too late thinking up cute new photo shoot poses. You’ve gotta put in work to get work in the first place and the Pandas haven’t been slacking in that sense.


JunJun has definitely revolutionized the definition of the banana. Before I used to think of a banana as just another fruit in the basket, but now the more times I eat bananas, the more times JunJun’s classic “banana steal” pops into my head. It’s crazy how dangerous I feel sitting at home and eating something as normal as a yellow banana these days. I’ve never fangirled over her but, her ping pong skills and random bouts of tension have just made her completely loveable to me. As far as being a singer goes though–I think JunJun’s voice is alright. It doesn’t especially blow me away but I think there are so many things about her that makes the whole music experience better. Her looks are always intense and meaningful, not to mention you can always tell she’s trying her best and her hair is amazing. At first she wasn’t even close to being my favorite–but I can really feel her starting to grow on me.


On the other hand I can’t really feel LinLin growing on me as much and I’m not sure why. She has all the basic good qualities (singing not so much) but there was nothing that ever stood out to me other than her dramatism in Harmoni@ segments and the way she looks in PV’s. Other than those two things– I just haven’t found that thing that really makes me love her yet…I’m confident one day it’ll just come out and hit me in the face when I least expect it–but until then JunJun and I will be waiting for her with a banana and some scissors for a much needed new haircut.

Together Las Panditas make a beautiful addition to Morning Musume and will hopefully never leave. It’d be pretty hard to replace someone that literally makes you feel scared to be an inanimate fruit for the sole concept of basically having your body be swallowed whole. But management has just gotta give them enough to work with so that they remember why they left China in the first place.

But yes, them Pandas be alright.

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The Intl Cake Recipe


I hope better late than never applies to me today–it took me an hour of fiddling with my camera to even make it take any pictures today. I finally got it though and that’s all that matters.

If you can’t read my terrible frosting skills, it says Happy 1st Intl.W. I thought about taking a picture then but the middle of the cake looked a little empty so I put an egg inside. I thought for awhile on how I could link a metaphor to an egg in the middle of a cake and after awhile I think what I came up with is that–

IntlWota started from an idea that was cracked and put into a small bowl. There were moderators that were the flour, bloggers that were the sugar, and readers that were the milk. At first glance all these parts sounded completely different, but yet couldn’t survive without each other. What’s IntlWota without the dedicated moderators, bloggers to inform you on the latest news, or readers that come back every day to satisfy their hunger? Separately, these ingredients may not taste that delicious, or be that effective, but when mixed together they form something sweet– and most definitely unexpected(IntlWota). After I reflected on that idea for a few moments, I placed the egg in the center, the idea that started it all. Because the thing that holds all of the ingredients together, is the most important part of the entire recipe, and that made me smile.

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Haromoni@ Review and Preview

Harmoni: MouTube Part 9

Well it’s Sunday that means Haromoni@–and of course MouTube too–for the ninth time in a row. On a brighter note though, even though this episode lacks an Ai skit or GAKIKAME, it’s still more interesting than some of the others have been.

The Berryz start off today by singing Dschinghis Khan.berryz

Onto todays show. Everybody is wearing Hakama instead of Kimono. Sayu announces that she graduated from High School.* Risa goes onto say that Koharu and Aika have been gone because they are going through Junior High graduation.* They continue on to shout congratulations.



1/11 We start right off with a video of an owl that can fluff on cue. And make itself look extremely creepy…



2/11 From toy car stunt parking…


To the guy that can actually do it along with about five instant replays. One of the few times i’ve seen Reina actually pleased with a MouTube video.


3/11 We have Sayu the Magician back with her egg Hand Power trick! The first time she puts the egg in the tank it sinks.


However the next time–it floats…everybody seems stumped as to why this happens.


And of course you gotta Y-Balance at the end.


4/11 Next a kid who can trickshot some pool balls. He sinks all the balls, and as promised–



As promised he gets the yellow one in the far corner sunk in last.


His facial expression leaves Reina/Sayu cracking up pretty hard on the mini cam


Now for his next trickshot…he’s going to make the white ball jump through the red and blue ball…roll over to the other stack of balls and make the black one jump over the stuffed animal. He shanks it.



5/11 Next we have a guy who can make weird sounds that are the equivalent to 1 second. Therefore he can stop a stopwatch–exactly at 10 seconds…


Eri says she can totally own the guy at this–so she tries it herself. While saying her own name–cute.


But she fails cutely with 12:03.


6/11 Next up two really nervous girls who can unicycle. That’s really all there is…


7/11 Panda Power video! It begins with LinLin tweakin’ out as usual–


So JunJun more or less knocks her the hell out.


But you’ve still gotta make the end cute.


The rest of the girls freak out because they figure out right away its a Mario skit.


And as JunJun’s Japanese gets better–so do her random facial expressions and bouts of tension during the aftertalk.


8/11 Next up is Detective Reina. She’s interrogating the guy who used to be Cabbage-kun.


She uses some phone torture…



Orange juice squirting…


And a barrel with swords…it looks like a common game but I’m not too familiar with it



At the end she walks away and tosses him something that he starts trying to put it on the top of the barrel.

9/11 Well–after the girls are basically done throwing up from laughter we move onto something more serious.


^A guy who would shred your ass to pieces. Probably even his own on a bad day too as he flips it around his body including his neck several times.


^ Even he’s gotta make it cute in the end.

10/11 A guy who balance a bottle on his head while riding a bike…what a complete anti-climax.


11/11 Lastly: “LinLin’s been studyin’ Historical Japanese figures!” Riveting.


She aces it. LinLin GET.

They wrap up with the best video of the day being the Pooltable Trickshot.


-Badass salaryman suits.

-Koharu and Aika are back from school.



-JunJun is crying about something to do with back home/the past. A video from family and friends maybe?


They wrap up for real this time, showing how Sayu did her Hand Power egg trick–it looked to me like there was some invisible property of water in the middle that held it up. It seemed like everyone had a lot more fun that usual this episode, so that makes it better…but not great.

There are also Hakama Cards for this episode:*


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Resonant Black PV Impressions

Well then I’m starting an H!P blog hopefully covering more than Morning Musume, figures I started this on the day of the new Resonant Blue PV release. So what better reason to talk about it! After coming home early and checking up on the latest H!P news, I found the greatest surprise of all, a Resonant Blue PV! Oh boy I’ve been waiting for this for ever! Hooray…!

Or so I thought…

To be fair I’ll say some positive things about the new PV and some not so positive.

+ The girls put a lot of energy into their performance, for sure.

-The PV setting is nothing like what you see when you imagine the song Resonant Blue not to mention it was a painfully boring dance number.

+ The roughness made it enjoyable–a little Shabondama action?

-6/9 members are wearing black–on a background, thats completely black! Unless they were meant to be background dancers, this is really unnecessary. The pants made quick dance moves look a little awkward also.

+ It’s still a great song, and there’s supposed to be another version of the PV in the works. So look foward to that!

+ Ai sold sexy like only she can sell sexy. Eri once again danced with an unmatched talent, she had the whole feeling of this thing down to the tee, if she was just on screen more, I think the aura of this PV would have been completely captured. Gaki-san also really stepped it up, look out for that, and Aika also looked sexy in this new setting.

-Fairness is a hard thing to argue within Morning Musume. The 3nin Musume is okay with me, but the rest of them don’t bust their asses every day to just be background dancers…especially the pandas.

-That goes for some of the other girls too, it’s alright if they aren’t focused on, but the whole idea of blending them in to the backdrop really makes it seem like they aren’t part of the PV anymore. I don’t care if its a dance shot or the official video–that kind of thing shouldn’t be happening in a group.

Well I think thats basically it. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the song, but the PV–not so much. The only reason you would think that this music video wasn’t completely bad, is that you know the girls, and you know Morning Musume. Hopefully this is the dance shot, if not, this video was poorly executed by the production/creative team. (They definitely need some JabbaWokkieZ action to mix this up lol.)

I’m really looking forward to a mix up of different shots, or at least an angle change once in awhile. Seeing the way it turned out though…it made me a little sad, I was really confident that this one would break the dance shot-close up cycle and actually have a plot. I honestly think from what they have so far it’d be a pretty hard to turn this PV into gold unless there was in fact another version… one more thing

—-isn’t this Resonant Blue?

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